Rand Rover, you want to associate with us?

Rand Rover has suggested a Dope Fest in Chicago, but has restrictions.

He only wants people there that he has interacted with on the board.

Look, pal, I’ve interacted with you on the board, and if I were going to a bar to meet you in real life, you’d be well advised to run me through a metal detector before I get drunk.

You think you’re liked here? You think people want to know you? Ever since you’ve joined the SDMB, you’ve spent your time telling almost every single one of us that we’re shit. Almost every single one of us has told you that you are shit.

You want to meet us? Why, to demonstrate your social skills? Fuck off.

Chicago is a little far for me. Other than that, I wouldn’t care one way or the other. I disagree with a lot of people over a lot of things. As long as it stays at that level, fine. He’s no threat to me, so why get all excited.

Hi. How ya doin’. Grab a beer. small talk blahblah etc.

Way to show who’s the reasonable one, there. Unless the metal detector thing was a subtle reference to you wearing leg braces and you’re afraid you’ll hurt yourself later.

Also, thanks for speaking for “almost every single one of us”. You can speak for yourself, but don’t include me in your douchebaggery.

To be fair to Rand Rover, he didn’t say only people he’s interacted with. His condition, to the extent that it’s not presumptuous of him to be setting them, is that he’s not up for it unless at least a few of the attendees are Dopers he’s interacted with.

I think it’s hilarious that he called me a stupid fucking bitch with a big fat ass whose husband won’t fuck her anymore, and invited me to his DopeFest practically in the same post. I’m not really sure what his game is, but I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to break bread with someone who has such obvious contempt for me either. However, if it were a DopeFest I were interested in going to anyway, and he happened to be there, I don’t think I’d let it deter me. I’m not into DopeFests at all at this point, anyway, regardless of who was going to be there.

But yeah, he’s not too bright, which is what Frank is pointing out.

He’s buying the drinks?

Hell, I’d go, if I lived anywhere near Chicago. Somehow, the idea of meeting someone from the Dope I dislike is more interesting than meeting someone I get along with.

I guess we could all go to collectively through pan-fried black, orange and green semen pies at him? :wink:

Good question. Very good question.

Chicago is just a bit far for a day trip. He’d have to pay for my hotel too.

You needed a whole thread for this? There’s another RR lovefest going on at the moment that your OP would have fit nicely in.

Here’s a couple of questions for you to ponder. In which sub-forum have I said the things you reference? What makes that sub-forum different than the other sub-forums on here? Why do you participate in that sub-forum if you don’t want to take part in the sorts of activities that go on there?

How many people in MPSIMS have you interacted with? Y’know, in your 17 posts in MPSIMS out of 2263 on the board?

WE follow you from place to place because we are bitterly envious of your success and irresistible charm.

Objection: relevance. MPSIMS is where Dopefest requests go. If we could move that thread to the Pit, I’d be all for it.


That should be throw. Not through. DAMMIT!!!

I think Rand Rover should wait and host a Dopefest on his birthday, just because the mental picture of him sitting alone in the banquet room of a bar is much funnier if he’s also wearing a birthday hat.

Also, I’m impressed with Frank for starting this thread. It’s not every man who has the courage to be a tough guy over the Internet. Kudos.

Anyone who asks how she intends to gather the ingredients will answer to me. You have been warned. There are limits!

  1. “Fuck off” is on the list.

  2. Please stop the threats.

No warning issued.

Pit Moderator

That’s true. What’s your point then? That I should not scroll through MPSIMS now and then?

Well, does the poster who made that particular thread still come (no pun intended!) here?

I thought you were asking why I started a thread in MPSIMS when I never post there. Let me amend my earlier post to just a general “whatchou talkin’ 'bout in post #11?”