Random idea regarding Carbon-footprint calculation

Imagine a web-based show with elements of Junk Yard Wars, MythBusters, Dirtiest Jobs, This Old House and National Geographic.

Viewers submit a description of a common activity from their lives. For example, I handle a lot of firewood by harvesting deadfall on my family’s land. I’d like to know what the carbon footprint would be, including my body, the chainsaw, the 4-wheeler, and the ultimate consumption of the wood in a the wood-burning stove.

A team of adequately equipped researchers document measuring the carbon output of a controlled recreation of the submitted activity, with proper scientific equipment and techniques, throw in some level of need for ad-hoc development of equiptment to capture the measurements, etc.

Meanwhile, other researchers, not televised) could be working on similar research. Perhaps things that are not as compelling from a documentary perspective.

All of this data could be used to generate a Carbon-footprint calculator.

With enough common behavior documented, you can start applying maths and making accurate projections and such.

It seems to me that the biggest benefit from your idea wouldn’t be the calculation itself, but simply that, by virtue of having a TV show about it, you’d be raising public awareness of the issue of CO[sub]2[/sub] emissions. Yes, people already know it’s an issue, but might not know how much, or might think that it’s only a matter of cars and/or electricity generation.

Yeah it is really an educational gimmick when all is said and done, perhaps providing some QA now and then on existing methods of calculating.

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