Random Star Trek Quotes

[in Klingon] “Do not believe him! He lies!”
[in Klingon]“Speak in their language!” [in English] “This is your second officer, Lieutenant Klag.”
“Is there something you wanted to say to me, lieutenant?”
“Yes, sir. I do not believe you.”
“So I take it, you challenge my authority over you.”
“And your position on this, captain?”
“I would say it is your first command decision.”
[Klag looms over Riker, who pretends to be very interested by something else-- and then sucker-punches him and kicks his ass.]

An open mind–the essence of wisdom.

“Isn’t that gagh?”
“Very good! You did some research on our nutritional choices.”
“Yes, but… it’s still moving.”
“Gagh is always best when served live.” [off Riker’s disgusted look] “Would you like something easier?”
“Yes. If Klingon food is too much for you, perhaps we could get one of the females to… breast-feed you.”
[the entire room laughs uproariously-- especially Klag, who raises his head towards the ceiling and belly-laughs]

Sour the milk!

Technically, it’s not a planet but a sentient life form. Perhaps I can ask its name! [tries to telepathically communicate] No, it just wants to eat us.

“What is it?”
"Meditations on a Crimson Shadow by Preloc."
“More Cardassian literature.”
“I think you’ll find this one more to your liking. It takes place in the future, during a time when Cardassia and the Klingon Empire are at war.”
“Who wins?”
“Who do you think?”

I never fit, y’know? Nothing stuck. I mean, I was living alone on a cargo ship with five holographic versions of myself. Not very encouraging.

No…Number…five…hundred?! No no no…

Kirk, it’s inhuman!

After they brought you back from your time in the Collective, do you honestly feel that you’ve regained your humanity?

Stella, shut up! I command you to shut up!

Hey, whaddya know. I finally got in the last word.

“He’s a traitor, you know? Your father? For marrying that human whore.”

Recruitment booth? No!