Random Star Wars Thread

So how about that one thing that happened in that one Star Wars movie?

Personally, I loved it, but then, the way it was handled in that one EU book by that one author took a totally different approach in regards to that character and his ability to do the thing.


Yeah it’s kind of like that thing that happened in the old movies that was explained in the new movies in a different way than I originally interpreted it. [insert comment about George Lucas]. I would have been better if it had been done in the way I imagined. In fact that one thing made all three prequels unwatchable. [insert comment about George Lucas].

Eh. Lucas just extracted that thing from an unpleasant bodily orifice. He once was able to do things well, but his skills are now exceptionally limited.

I swear undying lust for Bondage Leia and a strong, manly admiration for the splendor that is Boba Fett (though I must also protest the lack of respect inherent in his demise).

I also offer to fight anyone (through nasty, probably misspelled message-board posts, of course) who denies that my personal favorite Star Wars movie (specify here) is the sole and only reason why the film medium exists.

By the way, can you believe those losers who discussed that thing in Star Trek in such great detail? Those guys have no life.

Where can I get one of those James Earl Jones voice changers?

Yeah but he totally ripped that scene off from that other movie made by that one guy.

Remember when that one guy went to that one planet and did that thing?

I liked the part where the guy got his arm cut off, and then that other part where some other guy said “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Those were great parts.

Oh, oh, but how about that fight, where the guy dropped his lightsaber. Wow, the suspense! :eek:

“We would be honored if you would join us.”

Looked like a pretty nice lunch was set out.

Dude! Haven’t you ever heard of SPOILERS?

Geez, the nerve of some folks. :mad:

Is it just me, or did anybody else think it was funny when every time the one guy started to do something

all the other guys started to do something else?

Well, the bit where that one thing was revealed was cool, but in the next movie there was that other great revelation that I just couldn’t believe, and it kind of wrecked the whole rest of the movie for me.

[Steve Martin in L.A. Star Wars]
That was a great lunch and torture session.
[/Steve Martin in L.A. Star Wars]