Randomly Accidentally Playing a Song?

Not quite sure what else to title this one.

The other night, I was plinking away at my piano, working on the current little simplified piece that I’m working on (Bach’s Minuet in G). In particular, I was working on a few phrases, trying to get my hands to do their thing together.

Piano being what it is, I accidentally played the wrong thing–and realized it was three notes from “Der vogelfanger bin ich ja” from The Magic Flute. I then spent the next ten minutes trying to figure out what the next note was.

So what I’m wondering… is this just a thing that happens sometimes? I’m guessing yes, but I’m no musician, so I dunno.

Forget humans with pianos-- I once heard a duck quack the first five notes of “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies”.

Oh, sure. I was noodling on a standard blues progression, just adding notes to the chords to make them a bit jazzier, and stumbled across the main lick of Miles Davis’All Blues off Kind of Blue(it takes a sec for the song to become audible - the main lick is obvious about 12 - 13 seconds in…). Now I get that groove going and try to improvise over it…

Or I will play a chord progression for one song - When I Come Around, by Green Day - and hit the rhythm wrong and realize “oh, hey, that’s Good by Better than Ezra, too.” Some songs are just adjacent to each other, you know?

Good way to ut it wordman. The adjacent thing, that is. If you are in d minor or Eb, anything that you associate with those keys is fair game. or you get fixated with some tune in the middle of something else and start messing with a modulation to make a clean break in tempo, key, and just to show off.

Yep - I remember when i first did the “Jimi Hendrix chord” up at the 14th fret (I think) - no particular reason why, I just ended up doing it - and immediately going “whoa - Average White Band, Pick up the Pieces” (although looking at this youtube link, he is playing a different voicing, but you will hear the same basic chord).

Also, I have been playing standard rock progressions with a reggae beat lately - I just watched that Marley documentaryand it got me thinking about it - and realized how Stir it Up is just a straight I IV V…