RANTING about trivial stuff

This isn’t exactly BBQ pit stuff, but AARG, what are all these topics here, there’s nothing much here new, well Zettes is, but…
Anyway, RANT AWAY about small things, not necessarily related to the board. If it gets out of habd, they’ll delete the topic.

Are these what you call Great Debates? :
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** NOT EVEN HALF of these are anything but trivia!**
I feel better.Your turn.

Well, I, for one, don’t want things to get out of habd. Something that really makes me angry is the way people are driving cars nowadays. Whatever happened to civility? There’s some kind of Jekyll and Hyde thing going on with a lot of folks - real nice most of the time, but when they get behind the steering wheel…dang! Here in Alaska we have a major roadway named the Glenn Highway that is no fun to drive at all. I know this is a trivial matter and I try to ignore the idiocy that some drivers display, but sometimes driving can be an exercise in frustration. My pet peeve is that no matter how many times I try to maintain a safe distance between my car and the vehicle ahead of me (a good rule of thumb is one car length for every ten miles per hour you are traveling), some clown will cut in front of me and shorten the gap. I am seriously considering getting one of those bumper stickers I saw on another thread here. It reads: “Horn broken, look for finger!”

Well, THAT was a right piece of trivial ranting!