Rape should be legal, as long as it's not "violent"

At least, according to filmmaker Daniel Shravan

This guy is a real piece of work:

-“Rape is not a serious thing, but murder is inexcusable.” Whew, that’s a load off of my mind.

-Women should carry condems and dental dams around, just in case. See, you should always cooperate, and this way you can give him a condom first, so you’ll be protected!

-Just let him get his nuts off, and then he’ll go away, and you won’t be harmed.

-Rapists are really horny, and if they don’t do something about it, they’ll kill you.
You gotta wonder what is going on in this dude’s head…or maybe not. shudder

Holy fuck!

Hope he never works in film again and has trouble earning a living. At least until he wises up.

What’s his position on gay rape? Would Shravan be okay if a gay man wanted to have sex with him without his consent?

This is math in action. In that when your population is approaching 1.5 Billion, you will have more crazies than the US, or France, even. Now, with the large number of nut jobs we’re dealing with, it is not surprising that there are more, and farther, outliers within this population of idiots. I.e. absolutely batshit crazy fuckwits. The thinking is particularly spectacular, though. Next: why you should put all your cash on the sidewalk in front of your house each night. You see, when criminals know it’s on the sidewalk, there is no need for them to invade your home and kill you. So it’s safer.

There is a 99% chance that shitstain has already raped someone.

You’re incredibly naive if you think he’s some crazy outlier, rather than exhibiting a fairly typical attitude.

They could deal with those by killing themselves.

I read your OP before clicking on the site. I was laughing because I thought for sure this shit was from the Onion or something similar. Imagine my chagrin upon learning it is not.:eek:

Dental dams? This kook encourages rapists to force cunnilingus on their victims? How does that work?

You think that feeling rape should be legalized is a fairly typical attitude? I certainly don’t think that’s true.

Umm…say what now? How are you defining ‘fairly typical’ here? And typical among whom?

That a large number of men feel they are entitled to sex and women should give it to them whether they want to or not.

If you’re going to be a pedantic dick and quibble about my use of the word “typical”, replace it with “not unusual” instead.

Men. Not just Indian men either. Everywhere. The rest of Asia. Here. Everywhere. Every - fucking -where

Now, kindly fuck off.

No, the attitude that men are entitled to women’s bodies. Expressing it as “rape should be legalised” is just a new take on a very old idea.

What I’m getting is that India needs a massive masturbation promotion campaign.

I’m seeing a pretty significant difference between the attitude that men are entitled to women’s bodies and the attitude that rape should be legalized. And I don’t think either attitude is as typical as you believe.

Are you fucking joking? Hell no, there’s no real difference.

Bring the countering cites to mine, then. Otherwise shut the fuck up.

There are those who think that this guy, being a wannabe filmmaker, is just looking for cheap publicity by saying outrageous shit.

I’m not sure what’s worse; if he is trying to profit off so heinous an idea, or if he actually believes it.

Either way, it’s an excellent segway to a call center career.

God what a malevolently and maliciously ignorant person.

Once again, rape isn’t about sex. If rapists just wanted sex, there are many ways of getting consensual sex that don’t put them at significant legal risk and don’t involve violence. But they don’t want sex, they want rape. Rape is about rape, not about sex. Rapists rape because they want to rape, not because they want sex.

When women can be demeaned and shamed for BOTH promiscuity AND forwithholding sex, I think it’s clearly NOT about the sex. It’s pretty obviously about WHO controls access to sex!

Not to be a pedantic dick or anything, but there’s a fairly vast difference in meaning between “typical” and “large number”. It’s not typical, it’s psychotic and maladjusted. The absolute number of men with that attitude is admittedly large, but I disagree it is held by anything like a ratio approaching the level required to make it “typical”. In other news, yeah Daniel Shravan sounds like a pretty bad character to whom pretty bad things would happen were there any moral order in the universe.

“Shake Hands with the Government”