Rapid fire Elf, yet another LOTR Thread!

I just watched the FotR for the second time, and for me the coolest thing was watching Legolas the Elf and his rapid fire bow and arrow. He would have an arrow loaded and aimed almost as his previous arrow hit his target.
Jeez, that was cool!!!

Are there any bow and arrow people out there? Is it really possible to fire arrows out of a quiver that fast?

Jeez, that was neat.

Do you know what was even cooler than that? It was the elf in Hawk the Slayer’s rapid fire bow. It was so fast it could have been a machine gun. Too bad the editting was so bad that he was constantly jerking around in funny positions.

No, only Elves can fire arrows that fast. :wink:

If you thought that was cool, just wait until The Two Towers comes out. You get to see Legolas riding down a long flight of stairs on his shield, while firing arrows at an army of orcs!

You will also get to see him wielding two long knives, killing orcs left and right, while riding on a horse!

Damn, elves rule!


I’m more of a Gimli man, myself. Mmmmm… Orc chopping, hacking, hacking, hacking…

Gaaaah. This thread makes me want to manufacture a time machine…

That would be “hewing orc-necks” as in the 42 at Helm’s Deep alone!

No, you’re all wrong. By far the coolest battle moment was when Legolas stabbed an Orc with his arrow, then nocked the same arrow and shot another Orc with it. :slight_smile:

With lots of training, an archer can shoot a bow pretty fast. According to this site , some modern archers can shoot up to 22 arrows/minute, which is a little less than a shot every 3 seconds.
But jabbing someone with an arrow and then shooting it? Yeah, that’s not a skill for mortal Men to learn.

Was that “Hawk The Slayer” movie the one where there was a giant with a bag of munchies and some guy snacking off of them and he said “These are good, what are they?” and the giant replies “Candied eyeballs.” prompting the mooch to quit snacking?

Hawk the Slayer is actually coming out on DVD in November.

Here is a site featuring a clip of Crow the rapid firing elf archer. This movie is so cheesy that it’s a shame MST3K never took a crack at it. The movie also featured a guy with a rapid fire crossbow. And an over the top Jack Palance. And a disco soundtrack. And glow in the dark superballs.

Pre-order today!:smiley:

Some dwarves prefer the hacking, others the hewing. Some do the combination hack and hew.