Legolas vs. John Rambo

By the end of this year, both of these master archers will have three movies out. But who has the advantage?

Legolas: lightning-quick speed with arrows.

Rambo: takes a bit more time to fire his arrows, but they explode violently on impact. Even if it misses a vital organ, it will blow you to pieces.

Any other thoughts on the matter?

I think I’ll go with Rambo on this one, if only because his arrows can have blue lights in them.

“What is this?”
“A blue light.”
“What does it do?”
“It turns blue.”

I think it depends on the type of battle. If the two just faced off and shot at each other, then it’s Legolas all the way. If they have to stalk each other through the woods, I would give the edge to Rambo…oh god I have too much time on my hands.

If it’s a debate team meeting, the win goes to Legolas.

Are you kidding? Have you forgotten where Legolas has lived for the last few centuries? Drop the pair of them down in a wood and Rambo wouldn’t even know Legolas was there until his eyeball sprouted feathers!

nothing would happen as neither one would be the first to draw first blood.

Since Rambo can calmly and methodically take aim with a bow while someone empties clips from an AK and a pistol at him… it depends on whether his invisible bullet deflecting force shield works on arrows as well.

[Christopher Walken]

O n e a r r o w …

[/Christopher Walken]

Rambo – “I’ve always believed that the mind was the most dangerous weapon

Advantage Legolas

I think the movie made it pretty clear that in this case, Rambo’s opponent just had really shitty aim.

A similar thing happened in the second Tarzan book, where Tarzan decided just to let his opponent shoot him, knowing the other guy was too nervous for his shots to hit anywhere near a vital organ.

However, Legolas has amazing aim and seems to do pretty well under pressure. So I don’t think that trick would work for Rambo in this scenario.

Legolas would certainly defeat Rambo. He draws his arrows quicker than any human can, and has amazing aim.

The one question would be whether Rambo could draw in time to kill Legolas even as an arrow is headed in his direction. This all depends on the situation they are placed in. As someone mentioned above, if this is in the woods I think Legolas wins easily, seeing as how he would be incredibly difficult to track and has superb eyesight. However, if this was a “20 paces, turn and shoot” type duel, Rambo would die, but would certainly have a chance at loosing his arrow and killing Legolas as well. Depends how much slower he is.