Rapture Party ideas?

My local atheist group wants to have a Rapture Party on May 21st. Any ideas for fun food, games, etc?

Pin the tail on the Jesus?

Put outfits together that would be suitable to various famous people, or people you know. Throw them on the floor as if they had disappeared. Whoever can identify the most missing people wins (no picking up the clothes to inspect!).

Get some stamp-making stuff at Michael’s, and everyone who comes in gets a barcode stamped on their hand or head.

Rack of 7-eyed-lamb.

That is brilliant!

Deviled eggs? Angel food cake?

You could rent one of those cheesy “Left Behind” movies with Kirk Cameron and MST3K it. Myself and a bunch of nerd friends did this with Twister once.

Elect an Antichrist. Have nominations, then have speeches and/or a debate for the nominees to make their case for why they can best carry out the responsibilities of the Beast. After the election, maybe draw some sixes on their forehead.

Play Blondie and Prince?

Loaves and fishes ( Fish and chips and clam chower served in bread bowls.)


…sorry, couldn’t help it :smiley:

Thank you. It was inspired by my daughter, who actually does leave discarded clothes in random spots. We often pick them up and say “Oh no, she’s been Raptured!”

Can I come? I need a new car.

You should serve leftovers.

I absolutely love this!

I’m thinking orgy.

Lots of blowup dolls & a tank of Helium?

On preview this might help with Suburban Plankton’s idea too :smiley:

Well, if you’re left behind then it’s because you wed bad right? As people arrive at the party they have to pick out a sin from a hat full of random sins.

hello I’m:
a fornicator

hello I’m:
a moooslim

“local atheist group”?
What do you guys do all day sit around and not believe?