Rashak Mani, prithee perchance peer here for a petty and pitiful pitting?

Thee hast posteth in thine most excellent manner, and pray, may you posteth, yea, verily and multitudinously for now and forever and ever, Amen. And lo, that thou mayest not be as one of thy Grammar Nazis, yet go unto thy board and readest not thy most grave misspelling, which shall driveth me nuts if it should be inscribed upon thy board once more. For it distracteth from thy posts, yea, and spite thine otherwise cherished content.

It’s spelled though, not thou.

Gives your posts a sort of Elizabethan charm, no doubt, but distracting nonetheless.

While we’re at it, some others that drive me insane (not directed at Rashak Mani):

Rogue, not rouge.
Tongue, not tounge.
Buck naked, not butt naked.
Sense, not sence.

This has been a public service announcement. Had this been an actual flaming, you will have been told where to tune in your area.

So, you can’t stand when foreigners make English mistakes? It comes handy that you posted this in the pit …

I had a feeling someone would misinterpret this. I had no idea it would be the first reply.

I’m not pitting Rashak Mani himself, just pointing out a spelling error that was driving me nuts. This seemed like an appropriate forum (apparently I was wrong). No offense was meant to anyone.

Your title, although fearfully full of fun, furthers a faulty finding of fiendish flubbing frightfully fixed on the frequent foreigner, Rashak Mani.

Fjord to yo’ father.

tdn, you rouge. The part of you’re rant that was tounge-in-cheek cracked me up. Like someone running butt naked through the street, thou not as shocking. Even thou, you had the good sence not too be to criticle.

Between you and I, I usually request such funny threads be emailed to my friends and myself, at least the ones that are the most unique. Although, less and less of my friends appreciate them. Maybe they wood if they were cent with a free gift. The reason I’m writting this is because I want to thank you for a good laugh.

tdn: Hadst thou not mistakenly used the accustative form of yon pronoun, thy rant would, verily, aroused some humour. Alas, 'twasn’t to be as thou hadst surely flubbed the initial word.

NutMagnet: Pray tell, why thou persists in the erroneous expression, “between you and I,” when all people of even minimal comptenence are aware that, in that instance, 'tis yet the accusative case that is worthy of employment. As for your use of myself…Gadzooks! Hie ye to a decent grammar, yet ensure you find said tome to be of the English tongue.

Er … is there an Elizabethan version of Gaudere’s Law?

Thou hast posted …

… in thy most excellent manner; or, in thine excellent manner …

… may you post; or, mayst thou post …

… and read not …

… which shall drive me nuts…

Go forth and carry on with thy otherwise excellent rant, and let not my pedantry dismay thee, for 'tis almost a sickness with me.


When I saw the thread title, I knew it would be the thou/though thing. I like Rashak Mani, but it was driving me crazy too.

Monty, thou hast been wooshed.

Or whatever the heck one is supposed to say.

Me, too. I tried to point it out to him in one thread, gently, but got no reply. He posts well, and his English is certainly a damn sight better than my Portugese (which consists of exactly zip, zero, zilch). But every time I run into a “thou,” it stops my parsing of the text.

Though non-traditional, this one seems fine to me.

Ah, but (hee hee!) it is not!

If we take butt naked to mean as naked as a butt, consider that in polite society, butts are usually clothed. So butt naked means fully clothed.

If we take it to mean that said person’s butt is naked, we know nothing of the state of said person’s other body parts. We might assume them to be clothed.

Buck naked, on the other hand, makes perfect sense. It is defined as how many garments you will take off for a dollar.

You know, I was at the ATM machine the other day. I had just entered my PIN number when someone approached me and asked if I would like to make a donation to some foundation engaged in discovering a cure for the HIV virus. I didn’t give him any money, thou.

The use of ‘thou’ is just a mistake that any person, whose primary language is not English, might make. When I first started it, I was going to e-mail him and let him know, but he doesn’t, apparently, have an e-mail address. I certainly don’t think it was necessary to put it in the pit. I can figure out what he’s saying andI have seen much worse spelling on these boards.


Methinks thou forgoteth the cliché “naked as a baby’s butt.” Or is that “naked as yon baby’s butt?” Anyway, this is in the same vein as “naked as the day you were born.” Never forget: Butts come naked. :smiley:

OK; that´s it, I´m highly offended now.
For the record I admit I have written “thou” instead of “though”* more times that you´ll care to listen, and never EVER I´ve been pitted for it. Shame on you, Tdn.

  • probably induced for me affinity to 19th century English literature

originally posted by flonks

Please make fun of my English mistakes. I can use another laugh. Thanks tdn

[we have to thank Rashak Mani too, thou wouldn’t you say? ]

It’s in the Pit, but it’s about as gentle a flame as you can get.

I think the thing is that his English is excellent which makes this one particular word (that he uses quite a bit) stand out. I trip over it every time. If he only did thid a few times, it’s no big deal, but as often as it happens…

Hi Guys !!

Wow my first sort of pitting ! How proud I am :wink: Light and all.

I certainly need more practice writing english… been a long time since I was in my american highschool. I certainly hate the fact that we can’t edit posts too… “Thou” I will endeavour to change my wicked gramatical ways from now on. You guys won’t have to go “Thru” this ordeal as frequently from now on. It’s just that apostrophes and these “…ough” endings are a pain to remember typing.

( Feel free to correct me though… practicing my english is one of the reasons for sticking around the SDMB. Plus my native culture allows for these “corrections” without egos getting hurt. )