Rate my first fantasy football team

I just started working and the guys in the office invited me to be in their fantasy football league. We had our draft the other day, and I’m reasonably happy with my team, but I wanted to know what other people think. (The starters are QB, 3WR, 2RB, TE, K, DEF.)

Clinton Portis
Brian Westbrook
Thomas Jones
Tiki Barber
Kevin Jones

Trent Green
Michael Vick

Eric Moulds
Chris Chambers
Charles Rogers
Drew Bennett
Joey Galloway

Todd Heap

Matt Stover


I don’t know your scoring system or how many teams in the draft, but, on average, your team looks good.

Your real problem is at wide receiver. Personally, I think Moulds will have a good year this year, but there are a few question marks about last year, and about Bledsoe. Chambers likewise has a few question marks. I also like Rogers, but I think he’s a year away from being a solid starter in fantasy football.

You have two great quarterbacks, two solid runningbacks, and a ton of running back depth. A great TE, a great D, and, for the ever-so-important Kicker position – eh, not so good.

Not to tell you how to run your team or anything, but you have, as of today, 5 running backs who are starters. Since you can only start 2 of them, it may behoove you to go shopping for a wide receiver. Perhaps a Moulds & Tiki or Chambers and Jones for a solid, stud WR.

Good Luck this year.

Definitely looks good, although I’m kinda unsure on what Vick is going to do this year. (I assume this an eight or ten team league, btw.) As Hammy pointed out, you have tremendous depth at RB, and trying to trade up the WR department would be a good idea.

Vick is not a good fantasy quarterback. He’s fun to watch but will give you headaches all season long as you wonder if he’s going to throw for 75 yards and two picks, or run for three touchdowns. Trent Green is solid and reliable; start him.

You’ve got depth at runningback but after Portis, no one really outstanding. Westbrook, Jones, Jones, Barber are pedestrian and will put up average numbers. I have a feeling you’ll cycle through your four non-stud RBs each week trying to predict which will have the best game. In this situation, depth can give you an ulcer.

TE is good, kicker is good. Defense is good.

Wideouts are weak. Moulds still doesn’t have a 2nd receiver to take pressure off him, and Bledsoe … is Bledsoe. Chambers could conceivably be your best WR, but nobody in Miami seems to want to be a starting QB. Rogers, if he can stay healthy, has some potential there.

What are the rules around adding/dropping players? There will come a time when your TE/K/DEF have a bye, and you don’t want to give up those points. If adds/drops are not worth the hassle, you may have wanted to consider picking up a backup K/DEF in the late rounds of the draft and give up some of your RB depth.

Basically, if I were matched up against you in a given week, I’d only worry about what Green and Portis would do. Heap would only cause me concern if I felt we were matched up tightly elsewhere and the TE points would put you over the top. It’s not really an intimidating fantasy team.