Rate the current crop of movie trailers

I usually enjoy seeing previews at movie theaters, though I am occasionally forced to wonder “What movie did I pay to see again?” after the 8,000 deep-voiced “In a time when…”

I’ve been seeing a lot of movies lately, so besides having learned from the Foundation for a Better Life that inclusion is good and women dig NASCAR drivers, I’ve seen previews for:

The Order, starring Heath Ledger.
This started off as a preview for a halfway intriguingsupernatural thriller, then it got to the whole Catholic-church-hiding-evil idea and I lost interest. When it got to the rogue priest bit, I leaned over to El Elvis Rojo and whispered “Finally, the true story of Martin Luther!”
“I make it a point not to know about those things,” he grinned, echoing a current Pit thread.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
I want to like this. It’s got Dr. Jekyll, the Invisible Man, a woman who apparently can kick some ass, and Sean Connery. The explosions and bursting pillars just look cheesy.

There’s a fine line between titillating an audience with just a touch of information and just being annoyingly vague. This falls in the latter camp. Okay, there’s some sort of supernatural battle going on that will involve humans. Had Elvis not been there to fill me in on the vampires and werewolves, I would have assumed they were fighting over the world’s skintight-leather and trenchcoat supply.

That movie about the bears
I saw this with Finding Nemo and can’t recall the name, but I do recall being glad I don’t have any kids who’ll want to see it.

Anyone else?