Rate your life and explain why

On a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best) rate your overall life situation, right now. Explain briefly why your score is what it is.

Also, if you wish, post your sex and age.

Here’s mine:

Nothing much wrong, I’m healthy, decent job, finances under control, a few kid and relationship issues to attend to.

Male, 30’s.

Until recently I’d have given myself an 8. I’ve had a decent life so far. The big minus is the lack of a family of my own, and realisticly, that’s not going to happen and while I’m disappointed, that’s life and I’m accustomed to my own company. But recently, things have gone downhill and I’ll give myself a 5. I’m still incredibly better off than a very large number of people though.

5 out of 10.

No debt, decent job, modest savings, plans for the future, going to the gym and getting more fit, courses underway, a good circle of friends.

No romantic prospects at the moment (why, yes, that redhead turned out to be not as interested as I thought), bad teeth, crappy social skills, age working against me.

I’m on an upward trend and working to fix the things I can. It may be too late, though.

Male, 45 in 8 days and a bit.

8 or 9. I have a great husband, nice kids, I’m doing what I want to do, we live where we want to live, I have virtually nothing to complain about.

Cons–I could use more time and a slightly bigger house, and so on.

Female, 33.

I’d say right now an 8 or 9.

I have a good job, no debt except my mortgage, fairly good savings and a good jump start on retirement money. I’m healthy. I have great friends and a wonderful family. Don’t have any kids or a SO, and don’t want any.

The only con I can really think of is that I have some family health issues that I wish would improve.

Male, 53. Minus one for never getting married or having kids. Minus another one for never really accomplishing anything.

Plusses: I’m retired. I own a home and a truck. I have hot and cold running water and central air conditioning and the roof hasn’t leaked since I patched it last summer (knock on wood). I’m lucky to be alive and even luckier that I feel fine most of the time.

Hmmm, I like the beat and it’s easy to dance to. I guess I’ll give it an 8.

Male, 39.

I’d give it a 4 or 5.

The upside: I’m married, I have two kids I love. Job’s . . . “meh”, I’m in school. I own a house.

The downside: the house owns me. I have no retirement fund or dog. School and a full-time job is hard. My wife got laid off last week.

And I’m bald.

  1. I’m not where I want to be living, I’m fat *again *(working on that, but it’s hard when all I want to do is drown my sorrows in French toast and bacon) and I’m not settled into a career. But I’m quite happily married and we have a lot of fun. I have a direction in my life, and a Purpose, and these things will add up to me having an OK career doing something I think I’ll be happy doing. The future looks good. And I somehow have a knack for getting stuff to work out for me, even when things seem bleak. And they often seem bleak.

F, 27

I guess I’ll be the first to say 10. Thanks for letting me brag!

I just got a promotion at work. I just got a new car. I am getting married in September to the man of my dreams. I love my soon-to-be inlaws. We are going to honeymoon in Hawaii. We have made an offer on a dream house that looks like it will go through. We have an offer on our house that looks like it will go through, so we will have an unsmall chunk of change to spend on our new house. I own two horses who both happen to be awesome. If we get the new house I can bring the horses home because it has barns, an arena and acres of pasture for them.

I’ll check back in next week when both offers fall through and I wreck my car. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mine’s a 10, I’d say. I don’t really have a lot of qualifiers for that except I’m doing so much better than so many other people in this world…I’m sure many of them would consider my life a 10 so I guess I should too, relatively speaking.

Health, home, job, love, cats, my son, fond memories, lots of laughs, music, all that stuff. I think I’m am fortunate that I have the ability to appreciate it.

  1. I live in the first world.

male 17
I give it a 6
Pluses for being disease free and in good shape (even this is slipping thanks to my recent sloth), having a family and a roof over my head.
Minuses for, well, feeling like shit most of the time. I honestly think this may be some kind of clinical, treatable depression. Okay yes, my life took a sudden turn for the worse, I was devastated, yadda yadda, but everyone makes one really fucking stupid mistake in their life right? Intellectually I’m over it, and yet, in the words of a smart man: “wake up in the mornin and it’s hard to live, and it will be a long time before shit starts to give, and every single day it’s getting harder to live”

edit: okay as soon as I post my whiny little response I gotta look up and read this?

Are you trying to make me feel like a douche? Seriously though, it’s hard to keep things in perspective like that.

A strong 7.

Plusses (am I spelling that right?):
–I’m finally getting into shape with a rigorous and disciplined workout program that I’ve been following for a year.
–I’m married to the most wonderful woman in the world. She’s smart, hardworking, and understanding. Also, she grew up poor and got a full ride to college, so she knows how to handle money. In spite of her smarts, she’s still with me and is thus by far my biggest advantage in life.
–My job is notso hotso, but I get along with my coworkers and patrons, and things could be–and have been–much, much worse.
–In addition to my job, I’ve taken a volunteer position designing a database for a small group. It’s little more than a glorified spreadsheet, but I’ve discovered how much I like to tinker with tables and queries and code.
–After numerous false starts, stupid decisions regarding classes, and a gap in grad school for almost ten years, I’m sure of my direction in life, and I’ve even narrowed down what I want to get my second masters in and where I want to get it.

–I’ve got a good year before I can actually start taking classes, because I need to save up so I can go to school full time and ditch this fucking job for good.
–Oh yeah, the job. Like I said, I get along, but that’s it. They took away all my responsibilities when they moved me to the desk, and my bosses either yell at me or ignore me when I suggest needed changes. It’s not my job, and that’s that. They treat me like a fucking idiot, and I hate it, hate it, hate it!! I took that volunteer job out of boredom and also for the resume bullet. Once in a while, the non-profit group brings up a possible pay scale, but the truth is that I could care less about the money. I just want to work for someone who doesn’t assume that I’m as dumb as I apparently look.
–I’ve definitely lost weight over the year, but I haven’t lost as much as I thought I would, and it’s frustrating. There’s an old Russian saying: “What was taken away from you in bits and pieces will not be returned to you all at once.” I know I need patience. But dammit, what’s wrong with me?!

So there it is. Basically, I’m doing all right. I’ve done the self-starting thing, and the rewards have started to come in. Now I need to keep up with it, and maybe turn the 7 into a 9. I know where I want to go; it’s just a question of figuring out how to get there.

Shit yea I can relate to that right now. Who knew school could be so frustrating eh? :stuck_out_tongue: I mean I’m practically begging these idiots for an education and I feel like I’m wasting away the time of my life.

Let’s see… I’m living in a city I don’t like. My marriage is on the rocks. I left a career job for just a job. I can barely pay the bills each month, despite working a second job. My rental house leaks like a sieve when it rains. I have no savings and very little retirement.

However, I am very close (emotionally and geographically) to my family. I’m healthy. My family is healthy. I’m about to start school again to get my third degree for free. I have food and shelter. I have great pets who bring me much happiness.

Overall, I’d say 7-8.

Six or seven.

Good bordering on great marriage; elderly, ill, difficult relatives and accompanying baggage; reasonably happy, independent, healthy grown kids; finances are not an area of concern except for a couple of potentially expensive-as-hell health issues; another minor, temporary but currently painful and debilitating health issue; boatloads of piddly little problems, metric fuckloads of minor joys . . .

Honestly, my life is closer to an eight or nine, but I’m surly and pouty and feeling sorry for myself today.

I give my life an 8.

I have a phenomenal marriage, I love my cat and my friends and I have made peace with my family. My career isn’t everything it could be, but I have the intelligence and skills necessary to take it to that level and I intend to do so in good time. I’m about to move to a very convenient place in which I have all the wonders of nature in my backyard and New York City one hour away to sate my craving for arts and ideas. I have healthy habits and I’m becoming healthier by the minute.

I lack nothing. I’ve learned to feel that way no matter what’s going on. I’ve been depressed all day long but I sit here quite seriously and rate my life an 8. That’s called contentment, and it exists no matter which direction the wind blows. I have the feeling I’m going to be an 8 for a long time.

I’d say 5 or 6…

I lost my job 5 months ago - a job I had been at for 5 1/2 years, and that I was very good at. Although, my boss was a first-class crazy person and bitch from hell. Around the same time, my 3-year relationship was going down in flames. So, having lost a job and boyfriend, I got depressed and ate and slept a lot, and gained back a bunch of weight (I had lost 60 pounds a couple of years ago and was skinny… now I’m chubby again). So that’s another huge bummer - I feel ugly and fat and even worse about myself.

I’m 32 and would like to have a family, but my time is running out… the vast majority of my friends around my age are married with children, and I feel like my chance for a family is passing me by.

On the plus side, I have a terrific family (my parents and extended family). I am college educated and have a great resume. I’m not homeless, I have food to eat, I have a car that works, and I am (almost) debt free (although being unemployed, I have no money either). I have an awesome cat, and a new baby nephew. I have some pretty good friends. Oh yeah, and I have a computer, an internet connection, and the SDMB! So, thank goodness for those things!!

But the loss of the job, the relationship problems, the feeling that I will never have a family of my own, having put on weight, and just generally feeling depressed and hopeless… that puts me at about a 5 or 6.

You beat me to it. I have lived in the Third World and I absolutely believe most people don’t really realize how lucky they are to have been born into the First World.

9 for me… a better health situation would make it a 10.

I’m going to be honest, and I hope I don’t sound like too much of a cocky dick.

I’d put my life at a 9.

I’m just now embarking on an interesting journalism career, which was handed to me out of nepotism. In the meantime, I can still rest comfortably on the wealth of my family, and will always be able to. I, effectively, want for nothing, and will never have to. I fully intend to make my own way and have great financial success of my own. But I’m assured in the knowledge that I will eventually inherit a great deal of money either way. I don’t mean to boast - I’m immensely grateful that the spinning wheel of life landed me in such a privileged spot. I have an awesome girlfriend, more toys than I know what to do with, a few close friends and a great deal of solitude, which I treasure.

I also am blessed to have saints for parents. Seriously, they are amazing.

I was raised in an intellectual and cultured environment but also got very heavy does of common sense and street smarts, and just enough brushes with trouble as a teenager to teach me a few important lessons about life.

I had a period of intense anxiety last year, and it is now all gone.

I live a good life.

The only minus is, I kind of wish I had a jet ski, but even if I did save up and get one, I don’t have a truck to tow the trailer.

OK, that was kind of sarcastic. But not really.