Ratting out a cheater.

I just found this site: http://www.cheaternews.com . Check out the message boards for submitted cheaters by state. At first I thought it was a great idea, now I’m not so sure.

How many of you would post someone’s entire name on a site like this if you or a friend were cheated on by a SO?

While I do think it would be nice to have somewhere to check out a potential or current love interest I don’t think the whole town should know. So, I think I would be tempted but I would just go the old fashioned route and blab to all my close friends.

No if it were me, let alone if it were one of my friend (absolutely none of my business).

Anyway, even assuming that it would be a good idea to have a “cheater’s list” available on line (and I don’t think so for an instant), let’s suppose I cheated on you, and as a result, you dumped me. I’m pissed off that you dared dump me. What’s preventing me from adding your name on the list?

Good outlet to mess up with people’s live. Any people you don’t like, for any reason. It beats anonymous phone calls.

I agree with clairobscur. The credibility of that site would be big time bad.

Took a look through some of the listings and some of it is (IMHO) blatant attempts at smearing someone’s name. Whether it’s because that person cheated or just broke someone’s heart, but it’s hard to tell. There was one series of posts that I’m almost willing to bet was one woman posing as several women all complaining about the same guy.

I wouldn’t post there, or anywhere like it. While it would certainly be nice to know in advance whether you’re dating a cad or not, I can’t see even consulting something like this. Just way too much room for personal vendettas.

I think it’s good in a “hot or not” kind of BS site. Fun, but don’t take it seriously.

It would be nice to have something like that, IF it were at all credible. Unfortunately, as everyone else has said, there’s no way to keep it honest.

Too bad too, such a thing would be a great tool for we poor folks who are still out in the sucky world of dating.

Even if there was a way to make it reliable honest… and this might sound odd… I don’t think I’d use it.

What would it tell me? That he has or hasn’t cheated in his past. If there’s no data on him, that certainly doesn’t guarantee he won’t cheat on me. If it says he did cheat, well, who knows what the circumstances were? Nah. Love is always a risk, and while it the pain of being cheated on is often immeasurable… If we start a relationship out checking up on them, then, well, what’s the point of going any further?

Of course, I am up with a serious bout of insomnia and not thinking all too coherently so I might change my mind about this in the, er, afternoon, but I don’t think so.

I never thought of people putting false stories in there!! Usually I’m the skeptical one who doesn’t believe anything. Hmmm, must be losing my edge.
Did anyone see anyone they know in there?

This would be totally useless. There’s what, 3 million single men in Texas?

Seems to me the real value of something like this was if there was a way to conclusively know the true identity of the posters, not their targets.

And then avoid dating the posters like the plague they are.