Ashley Madison data breach - You going to check?

Apparently the identities of cheating spouses using the Ashley Madison site that was hacked have been posted.

Simple question: You going to check for your spouse?


I’d be happy to look at it (not for a spouse/SO), but I’m hoping it’s sortable (not searchable, sortable), preferably by city.
As of right now I can’t, quickly, find a link other than people saying there’s a PDF floating around on piratebay or TOR. I’d prefer not to have to download something that a hacker posted, but I also understand that it’s something ludicrously huge (10g?). Give it a few days, it’ll either end up posted or the people on reddit will verify that it’s safe to look at.

Ah, yes, a very nice free database of women that are possibly responsive to having an affair with you. :smiley:

I can assure you, as someone who’s ex-wife was cheating on him, I have exactly zero interest in being ‘the other guy’.
(and no, she wasn’t using that site, it was a guy she already knew. We also only had one computer in the house and she didn’t use private/incognito mode, but lets not derail the thread).

My spouse and I have an open, polyamorous relationship wherein we recognize that love adds, it doesn’t subtract. And lust? Well, that’s just good fun. So no, because we’ve made a conscious decision to live our lives in the real world, as opposed to the fairy tale land that Disney et al would have us believe in. If either of us were on it, we’d know, or if we’d didn’t, the only thing we’d get out of finding out the other was was a good laugh.

Nope, and I hope the people that do look for their spouses or just to see if they recognize any names take what they find with a huge grain of salt. From what I understand there’s no real way to tell who signed up and fucked around on their “monogamous” relationship, who signed up just out of curiosity and did nothing further, who was actually single and just looking to get laid, and who signed up as part of an open relationship.

Did anyone miss the part about “Ashley Angels”?

It seems that the site had a disclaimer that the ‘women’ posting replies to men’s requests were likely these personas created by AM’s creators. These “Angels” would post photos of “themselves” and engage is conversation.

IOW: Real males lusting after non-existent (but HOT!) women

If you find your hubby on this site, pity the idiot.

You know, it’s possible to live poly without bagging on monogamy. P.S. Love may add, but time subtracts.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I hate when I pour salt into a wound when I’m only trying to brighten the conversation. :smack:

Such news reports as I have read say it’s a “torrent” or a “deep web” thing or something, so hell, I wouldn’t even know how to.

Without even knowing that (which I didn’t until now, thank you for that) I always assumed it was 99.9% guys.

Me neither, but there is no chance it doesn’t end up in some searchable form by the end of the week.

I was sort of just wondering whether my wife would check, just to be sure (I’m not on there!). I’m sure there will be a lot of wives checking, thinking his name won’t be there, only to be unpleasantly surprised.

I’m sure there’s also some real female prostitutes/webcammers trolling for customers as well.

‘Monogamous people are just deluding themselves and rejecting the real world to live in a fake Disney fairy-tale illusion’ is just as small-minded and self-righteous as ‘Poly people are just sluts with no morals who are deluding themselves that they can have healthy relationships with more than one person.’

Different things suit different people.

This. Why does one have to put down something or someone else to validate their own life choices? Wanna do whatever? Have at it with abandon. But afford others the same courtesy.

That’s also true with Match and OKCupid.

I think we can all agree that this was just a drive by thread shitting.

I read an article about this that I’m fairly sure was written by an AM subscriber. He suspects that because the AM list was released to the “dark web,” whatever version of it you find will have been tampered with and will infect your machine with a virus. Also the data will be flimsy at best because there was no verification process to sign up by email. Anyone could be on that list!

I already know.