Rdio is ending

I guess it was a long time coming, and now it’s official:

I am sorry to see it go. I found its user interface much, much better than Spotify’s; someone said it was like using iTunes online years before Apple actually made that happen. Its library had 98% of everything I ever looked for, and most importantly, I connected to some people whose musical tastes turned me on to a lot of cool things. Apple Music leaves me cold and I almost never bother with Pandora anymore. If only Apple could have bought and rebranded Rdio instead of Beats. Sigh.

Anyone else on the verge of mourning this most underrated service?

That was quick. I never heard of Rdio until last week, when I bought some concert tickets and started getting getting spammed with notices to start my free trial subscription.

Did Vdeo kill the Rdio star?

That’s too bad, I have listened for free (with commercials) on their website a lot. I like the fact they will play full albums as they were produced, instead of just random songs.

Ronnie James Dio is dying?

I know he’s already passed

Rdio passed 6:10 MST, December 22, 2015