Anybody tried the rdio.com music streaming site? You sign up with your e-mail and a password and then as far as I can tell everything is free. What makes it different from Pandora or other streaming sites is you can actually stream whole albums on demand, every song. You can search by artist and song name, click the artist and it will show you covers and titles of all the albums they have. Click play on the album and it will play the whole thing, or click the album name to see the track list.

They don’t have every album from every artist, but I have found a good amount of stuff for every artist I’ve searched for, even obscure ones. I haven’t tried modern pop or hip-hip though, mostly rock, industrial, and old country.

I don’t completely understand the playlist interface though. When I first signed up it was asking me to thumbs up and thumbs down songs, I assume to learn what I liked so it could make me playlists customized to my tastes. But I haven’t seen any thumbs up or thumbs down since then. So I mostly just play things an album at a time.

I think there is a smartphone app too, but haven’t tried it.

It’s not free.

Maybe listening through the web is free? I’ve been listening to it a few hours a day for a week and haven’t paid anything.

Here is what their site says:

I don’t know what the “limited number” means but my few hours a day hasn’t exceeded any limits yet. But I guess after 6 months I get cut off. I bet I could sign up again with a different e-mail address.