Re: a blue light inside my Wii console

We’ve two Wii consoles, one used most infrequently and left in the power off position with a game disk inserted. Last night while watching TV a blue light came on inside this console, visible where the disk is inserted and removed. The little light indicated the console power was “off”. After turning the console power on and back off the blue light disappeared.

What would you conjecture happened?

I think it was connecting to the Internet to look for updates and/or messages. You have to explicitly turn this setting off, IIRC.

the blue light usually indicates that you’ve received a new message or an update of some kind.

Mine was doing this as I left for work this morning. It is a little ominous to see my devices busily working while I’m not looking.

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that my PC auto updated last night as well.

Yup, there was some update on the Wii last night. I read the message and quickly forgot it afterwards.