Re-cast The Magnificent Seven with today's actors

Yul Brynner =
Steve McQueen =
Charles Bronson =
James Coburn =
Robert Vaughn =
Brad Dexter =
Horst Buchholz =

And, of course,

Eli Wallach=

Movie’s about to be 50 years old, and Robert Vaughnis the only one of The Seven still with us. Guy’s got over 200 credits on IMDB!

Yul Brynner = Christopher Eccelston
Steve McQueen = Clive Owen
Charles Bronson = Rutger Hauer
James Coburn = Sam L. Jackson
Robert Vaughn = Stellan Skarsgård
Brad Dexter = Sean Bean
Horst Buchholz = Orlando Bloom
Eli Wallach = Danny Trejo

I havn’t watched the movie in a while, and just kind of went with my first face that popped in my head.

Apparently I just don’t buy many of current American actors as tough guys :wink:

Believe it or not, that’s exactly why I thought of this thread!

BTW: Your list looks convincing enough. I’d pay to see them try it.

Wolfman - I love some of your choices. Danny Trejo = inspired! and Sean Bean, yes.

Sheer genius!

Help me think of movies built on similar premises. A group of specialists tackle some particularly risky, dangerous or at least tricky task. More than just two or three, but a decent sized group.

Ocean’s 11, 12, 13 …
The Italian Job
Goodfellas (at least the heist portion)
The Great Escape (some of the same guys as TM7, in fact)
Sneakers (just saw it on TV this week!)

In any of the more recent efforts, it’s more about technology than gunplay, even when gunplay is in evidence.

But from that crop of movies, which actors could move into the Western shoot-em-up convincingly?

Also, let’s list some decent Westerns of the past few years:

Lonesome Dove
Broken Trail
Open Range (see who’s starring here, right? Too old for TM7?)

seeing the mention of Appaloosa reminds me - Viggo Mortensen could definitely fit with the TM7. Maybe even in Brynner’s role if Eccleston’s not available.
and how about Matt Damon in the McQueen role (not that anyone ever comes close to McQueen)
and I vote for Johnny Depp in the Robert Vaughn role.

And we don’t have to be MCP’s about it all. Think of the all-girl casts of a Western like Bad Girls (1994/I) and a not-Western like Beyond Rangoon (1995) and surely we could get seven tough females into a remake of TM7.

Jessica? (your pick)

Give that wrinkle a shot.

Yul Brynner = Bruce Willis
Steve McQueen = Daniel Craig (One of the reasons I don’t like him as Bond is he reminds me too much of Steve.)
Charles Bronson = Antonio Banderas
James Coburn = (I need a lanky tough guy. Someone that unfolds himself)
Robert Vaughn = George Clooney
Brad Dexter = Adam Baldwin
Horst Buchholz = Matt Damon

Eli Wallach = Gary Oldman