Re: Family obligations.

For those of you who care and/or posted in my other thread (“Family obligations my ass!”, I’m too lazy to post a link):

I volunteered for lab work at the college next week, so I don’t have to go. Dang. :slight_smile: Breaks my heart. Everyone else will be arguing and backstabbing each other and I’ll be making holograms! So far we’ve made holograms of a plastic monkey, a model car, and . . . Pikachu. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I got out of visiting my dorky relatives this year. How about you?
– Sylence

And now, for my next trick, I will talk in spooky half-references.

Good for you, Sylence!

I, sadly, will not be visiting my family this year (time/money). Unfortunately, the one that could lure me home passed away years ago.

Decide which one of your family could lure you, then call and make sure they know you miss him/her.


Since this is the Pit . . .

I’m already fed up with the goddamned holidays. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and already there are those wretched singing/dancing Santa Claus dolls at CVS (which have been there since Halloween) and crappy muzak Christmas songs playing at Au Bon Pain when all I want is a stupid turkey sandwich. Sylence, do you need any help with your holograms for the next two months? Can I live in the lab?

I will sign over my paychecks for the rest of the year to anyone who can suggest a workable solution to get me out of going to my sister’s in Austin for the next week. Thanksgiving My Ass; not going would be something to be truly thankful for. You have two and a half hours… Begin.

Also, at what point is it acceptable to tell your family ‘I don’t like you people anymore’? I’m 20-something and own my own home - and yet the guilt trips still work, dammit.

Actually, KSO, around here they’ve been out since LABOR DAY.

Miss Davis, I wish I knew. This year, we’re staying home for Thanksgiving, and I told my mother that we won’t be staying over at her place on Christmas eve (we just got married in June, so this is my husband’s and my first Christmas “as a family”).

She called me up last night and got all hysterical and weepy about it (“I can’t stand to be ALL ALONE on Christmas morning!!” What, don’t you have any friends? You keep telling me about all your friends.) about it, then hung up on me when I didn’t back down. < insert startled smiley here >

One of the reasons we’re not staying there (I mean, besides the fact that she’s being a manipulative bitch :o ) is that she SMOKES like a fiend, and the whole place REEKS of cigarette smoke. I used to smoke, and I can’t stand to spend time there, because it makes me want a cigarette SO BAD. Also, after a few hours in that house, I can’t breathe (that’s why I quit in the first place). My husband has been having asthma problems, so he can’t breathe there either.

I finally sent her an e-mail last night telling her this, after she hung up on me. I didn’t dare check my personal account this morning, and I can’t access it from work, so I don’t know what kind of response I got. However, every time I’ve asked her not to smoke around me, she has accused me of being a “self-righteous ex-smoker” and lit up. I once almost threw her out of my car in a bad neighborhood for trying to light up a few months after I quit.

Well, that was quite a rant! I feel better now. :wink:

I guess the only suggestion I have is to tell them you’re not coming, and don’t back down.

Never attribute to malice anything that can be attributed to stupidity.
– Unknown

Flu’s still goin’ around. Miss Davis, I think you ought to lie down for a while, you’re looking a little pale. Aches and chills, you say? Oh gosh, you better call the doctor – this thing is no good – had my kid out of school damn near two weeks. You can’t travel like that, and you certainly wouldn’t want to expose your family to it . . . .

Good luck!


Yes, well, on reflection, I think Melin’s approach might be a little less confrontational and cause fewer problems in the long run.


Oh, God, you two, I’m having hot flashes adn chills. Must go home now and check temperature. (Will have heat on in car, just in case.)

Wish me luck with the charade, otherwise, see you guys in 10 days!

Insert Random Witticism Here.

ANother good one: you or your SO can develop severe allergies to your parents’ pets. Works for me!

I’ll be there
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