re-installing defrag program

I had a disk optimizer called Diskeeper 9 and a malware removal program called Spyhunter.

During the latest program update, I was upgraded to ver. 3, which knocked off my background wallpaper and my defrag.

I tried to relaunch, but only had the ability to scan, not defrag: I had been downgraded to trialware.

Emailing the company of my plight, they told me to use add/remove to completely eliminate any traces of the corrupted files from my computer before re-installing.

I still can’t get it to work.

Any Ideas?

Um. Completely remove the program and any traces of it (registry keys and junk). Reinstall from newest install. If you have a valid key/serial, it should work. You may want to see if you are entitled to the new version for free.

When I emailed the company. they indeed send a link to a free download…good for three attempts/seven days.

I attempted twice and I only have a handful of days left.