Re-responding to a zombie thread

I knew it was inevitable; in fact I don’t know why it took so long. Or most likely I’ve done it before and didn’t notice:

Responding to a zombie thread that I had already responded to, the first time around. In fact, telling exactly the same story.

Ever happen to you?

Yes, but I can’t remember when…

I did once start the same thread with the same topic about 6 months apart. :smack: Never realized what I’d done until much later…

Almost! There have been a couple, where I got to re-reading the whole thing from the top, and hit comments that I agreed with…only to realize they were my comments.

(Embarrassing if I didn’t agree with 'em, eh?)

I did almost respond to a zombie thread once, with almost exactly the same words as my original reply a year prior. Didn’t even notice until the last moment.

Most memorable (and embarassing) was taking to task someone’s comment (not realizing the post was several years old) and then being told that said poster had actually died some time ago. :frowning:

Yep, done it more than once. Also caught myself doing it on a couple occasions and stopped before actual posting, but I don’t always catch it.

I did that recently! It was a thread about a murder in my town. I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s right in my neck of the woods!” and then I came across my post from years earlier that actually used the phrase “in my neck of the woods.” :stuck_out_tongue: I’m nothing if not consistent.

No. I have this thing about not replying to a thread unless I’ve read the whole thing. So if I have already made a reply, I’ll see it. And I’ll think, “what a moron!” just before I notice it is by me.

Yeah, once or twice. I’ve had my post composed, sort of, in my head when I read the exact opinion. Who is this brilliant person who so fully agrees with me? Why, it’s me. Then I feel like the biggest idiot.

Exactly this.


I always start with checking my User CP for responses to subscribed threads- anything I’ve ever posted in is automatically subscribed. So if I see a zombie thread has been revived I always search to see what I’d had to say previously.

I have gotten old enough that I tell the same stories to people in real life, does that count?

I’m just posting in this thread so I’ll have something clever to say in five years.

Yes, but I can’t remember when…

I did once start the same thread with the same topic about 6 months apart. :smack: Never realized what I’d done until much later…

You must not have gotten any satisfactory replies the first time!

Don’t think so, though I’ve come close before noticing my previous post. I did once start the same thread a couple of days apart. In my defense, my computer froze during the first posting, and I thought it hadn’t gone through. I didn’t have time to try again for a few days; then a mod left me a note that they’d already answered me and locked the thread.

That was also the day I learned about the “search” function. :smack:

Its so hard to be original anymore. :frowning:

I usually have the opposite thing happen. I’ll see a thread marked as me having responded to it, but I don’t recognize the thread or remember posting to it. Then when I open the thread and start reading through, I discover that it’s a zombie thread from five or ten years ago. No wonder it doesn’t look familiar!

Well, damn. You’d think that would have been enough time to come up with something.

See you in 2023.