Re-sticking an unstuck sticky

So, we now have the ability to unstick a sticky in our own view. But what if I now want to find that sticky again? Is there any way to do that?

prior thread where I asked this

Thanks! I knew I’d seen that somewhere.

I need the answer on this too. :chagrin: unpinned too much too soon when I shouldn’t have but I didn’t know enough to know that I shouldn’t have. The perils of newbiehood.

This begs the question (or at least, it does for me): can we pin threads on our own? If I want this thread always pinned to the top, can I do so?

It seems to me that I can unsticky a thread if I can find it in any thread listing, as it will still have the tack icon, and I can click on it.

You just need to be able to find the thread, which can be a problem if you don’t remember the title. I wonder if there’s a search that would show all threads that have been stickied at one point.

As always, pingining @codinghorror

It was linked in post 2, but to bring the answer into this thread:

Ah. I didn’t check because they said it was asked, but not asked and answered, and the next post said they still needed an answer.

Sorry about that.

No problem at all. I just figured bringing it here would help those of us who are skimmers.