Reaching out for the Hispanic vote

Kasich is making a valiant attempt to show he doesn’t hate Hispanics, like the rest of them. He even tips them.

Not quite sure you get it yet, Governor.

that was a funny joke making light of racial stereotypes
if our society wasn’t so uptight maybe we could enjoy it

The problem with “reaching out” is that no matter what you say, it always sounds awkward. that’s the nature of singling people out by race, which is part of the “reaching out” process. I’ve always felt Republicans should just not talk about race at all.

Democrats have sounded just as awkward, especially since they have to try to succeed Barack Obama, who had a much easier time talking about this stuff.

It’s awkward if it isn’t genuine, that’s true.

More of your usual.

Hillary Clinton telling BLM what they should do wasn’t awkward? No, this thread is your usual. trying to make an issue out of something that pretty much any old white person is going to have a problem with.

This thread is about Hispanics, not BLM. As for “old white persons”, like, I assume, yourself, pandering to their fears while demonizing Hispanics is hardly a winning strategy, is it now? Why do you put the interests of “old white persons” above those of the nation itself, merely by mentioning them (you) - is it just out of habit?

When your party figures it out, do please let us know. And no, “Yeah, well, the Democrats do it too!” is not it, as the severe numerical differences in party support among Hispanics demonstrate.

It’s not that severe. The GOP did really bad in 2008 and 2012, but very well in 2004 and in Texas and Florida did very well in 2010 and 2014. Which doesn’t sound all that important until you realize that Democratic dreams of turning Texas require them to do much better among Latinos there than they are.

maybe Texas Democrats need to learn how to reach out to latinos.

They have noted that 2014 was midterm wave election, with low turnout and local candidates that did show an interest in Hispanics, I see no such thing if Trump is the nominee.

Wishful thinking. There is nothing about general elections that makes certain groups more likely to come out than others. There is something about certain candidates that can drive turnout. Obviously Trump would motivate Latino voters a lot. S

The big problem with democrats in texas is that they haven’t made much of an effort to register voters there. There are already enough latinos, blacks and young people to make the state purple but nobody has bothered to register them.

When I look into the exit polls it looks more like Latinos just aren’t Democratic enough in Texas.

Even nationally, in most elections Latinos aren’t much more Democratic than whites are Republican:

Another interesting nugget from the 2014 exit polls is that unlike whites, who vote less Republican the younger they are, among blacks and Latinos, the OLDEST voters are the most Democratic.

What I said was “I see no such thing if Trump is the nominee” so you are only repeating what I said. So no, it is not wishful thinking, I already did mention that with Trump it will be no wish, but fear what will drive many to vote, and it will not be just Latinos.

Oh, and I see that you keep using the 2014 data, as pointed before many times you are only confusing yourself when trying to make a mid term election the key for your wishful presidential election predictions.

Do you actually think Trump will be the nominee?

I don’t think so, * but I do hope that by the time he leaves the race the damage will be done already, the weak or non existent opposition to him regarding the mass deportations he proposes and the wall will not be forgotten by the time someone like Bush becomes the likely nominee and he tries to distance from the hate shown early.

As I pointed in an earlier thread, I think this is like the Democrats in 1972, so many Democratic candidates in the primaries that they chewed each other a lot, and when the election came the pre-chewed candidate that was left was not attractive anymore.

And not just to Latinos.

  • But I wish, if only to see the epic loss that Trump will suffer in the general election. Anyhow, it is only a wish that I do not think it to be very likely to come true.

That’s a pretty big risk. Polls now show that Trump is electable(at least against the damaged Clinton), and a President can actually deport a lot of people if he gets it in his mind to do so.

Seem that you always want to miss the point, again I do not think that is likely, it is however more likely that by the time Trump finally takes his ball and goes home the damage to the Republicans will be a big one.

The Republicans are going out of their way to disagree with him, at least the ones who are most likely to succeed in getting nominated.

You never tire to repeat what I said in a slightly different way thinking that you are contradicting me, huh?

When I talked about being pre-chewed that is what I meant, currently Trump is making Bush look like a wimp and many will keep than in mind.

It’s possible, and even if it’s somebody else, it’s still going to be a wall-building immigrant-basher.