Reading the newspaper in the presence of cats

Every cat that we’ve ever had has refused to allow me to read the newspaper if they are in the room.

I spread the newspaper out to read it and they HAVE to lay on it, blocking my view of the articles and keeping me from turning the page!

If I’m not reading the newspaper they have no interest in it…

Does this happen to all cat owners?..or am I cursed?

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I’ve had cats all my life, and not one of them has been capable of letting a human read a paper in peace. Something about all that lovely rustling paper – and the fact that you are not devoting your attention to the cat – has an effect on them.

My Enid also attacks magazines, gets between me and books, and objects in the strongest terms when I’m on the phone. But to answer, I think a lot of cats have that attraction to newspapers.


If I’m absorbed in a newspaper or a book, and lay it down for a moment…in that moment a cat will choose to lay on top of it.

I wish it was limited to newspapers. If our youngest cat is in the room, she will not let me read, period. Books, magazines, the mail, anything–if I’m sitting up, she walks between me and the reading material, if I’m lying down, she lays down on it.

My cat pays very little attention to what I am doing at any particular time. My husband, on the other hand, cannot take a step without the cat being in his face, under his feet, whatever. He can’t read a book or a newspaper without the cat climbing all over him. Same thing with the computer. I can turn this thing on and sit here all day, and my cat couldn’t care less. The instant my husband sits down here, the cat is walking on the keyboard. Weird.

<center>Why cats bug you while reading</center>

They invented written language! Then the Egyptians stole the idea and didn’t give them credit. They lost millions because of lost patent revenue. So they’ve instilled an instinctual behavior in their progeny to disrupt our reading.

If they’re successful, we’ll be so fed up with it that we’ll go back to counting knots on rope for information archiving. Or, we’ll operate on their reproductive systems so that there aren’t enough of them to disturb our reading of Dave Barry on Sunday mornings.

Our cat (who has razor sharp claws so she can play with the Rottie) will shred the paper while you’re reading it, if you are silly enough to put it on the floor. On a table or counter, she lays across it. In your hands, she gets on your lap and blocks the print. They are obsessed with newspapers, period.
Ours also interferes with computer/printer use. Books are OK with her.

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They just want to be the center of attention. They sit on whatever you’re looking at, so you look at them.

I don’t know who first said “everyone’s a critic,” but I think it’s a really stupid saying.

The reason the cats won’t let you read the paper is you want to. Cats know what you want to do and then like to disrupt you. Take a boring paper and pretend to read it. The cat’ll know you aren’t serious and will leave you alone

Haven’t you ever notice how cats know what kind of people hate cats and then they run over to bug those people.

Our big cat Archie, of the 60s, wouldn’t do this. He just gave us his usual sour look whatever we did.
In one of the series of the *Book of Lists, * is a readers’ list of “Eight Annoying Things Cats Do” and laying all over whatever you’re reading is one of them.

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Bizarre, just another reason to dislike cats.

One complete set of morals for sale to highest bidder, new in box.

In her younger days, my cat used to. Homework, newspapers, books, magazines, mail, anything. She liked the noise of the paper, and would start clawing it. More than once I had to redo a homework assignment because she destroyed it.

She’s 17 now, and doesn’t do much of anything except act superior. She has trouble jumping up on my bed, so I had to take some big cushions to make some steps for her. This just stroked her ego even more. It’s her house, I just live in it.


Only one of our two cats does this. They are littermates who have as many differences as they have similarities.

One is a world champion sleeper. Her job is to prompt me until I dish up the nightly portion of Fancy Feast. She’s also the best hunter.

The other is a world champion pest. Very vocal! Insists that at least part of her be on the keyboard when she’s on my lap at the computer. It is also her job to let us know when they need fresh water, dry food, and litterbox cleaning.

They’re indoor cats because there are lots of predators around. But they’re the only cats I’ve ever had that actually eat the mice they catch in the house (we’re in a rural area). We know there’s been a mouse because we find just whatever parts of the mouse guts that are unappetizing, left on the carpet.

My cats will come charging THROUGH the newspaper.

The cat we had when I was a kid would plop right in the middle of whatever board game we were playing, completely ruining the game. He was very proud of himself when he could do that to us.

It’s not just you. My cat will not let me read printed material of any sort. That sort of transgression is grounds for her to sit on whatever I’m trying to read and purr until I pet her. I’ve pretty much given up.

The computer doesn’t seem to be the same level of offense, but my mouse cord dangles from my keyboard shelf under the desk to the computer. Once in a while the cat likes to come by, hook the cord with a paw, and yank the mouse off the keyboard shelf.

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Those are great images…I giggled through the whole thread…thanks!

My cat is present as I type this in. He has spent the whole evening with his paws pressed on the mouse’s cord, so its hard to move.

PS- He is a large, orange, neutered male with a docked tail. His name is Clapton.

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I used to read the newspaper while it was spread out on the floor. My cat would sit on the article I was reading.

Now, I have a tv tray by my mouse hand (actually in front of the tv couch, small room) and Moody gets on it and taps my arm for petting. Problem is, she doesn’t want to be petted with my left hand, no, it has to be the right(mouse) hand.

Inigo (my 1yro black cat) is insanely jealous of anything that holds my attention too long. If I watch the fish tank, he paces back and forth below me and squawls. He’ll even stretch up and touch me with his paws.

If I’m at the computer, he jumps in my lap, curls up, purrs contentedly, and bites the keyboard keys.

If I’m in the bathroom doing my makeup, he meows and walks back and forth, rubbing against my legs. (I’m not sure if that’s jealousy, or if he makes the connection that me primping=me leaving soon.)

And God forbid I try to do anything involving paper on the table or floor. He sprawls out over top my lesson planner, magazine, journal, etc. and will start batting (then chewing) my pen.

If my boyfriend and I are snuggling, he’ll jump up and curl up right there with us. (If we’re, um, being a bit more amorous and energetic, he just avoids us. He’s learned he can get inadvertantly kicked, pushed, rolled on, etc. while we “play.”)

Yep. My cat likes me. And all of my attention!