Reagan and the Pope

Nancy Reagan has been drawing similarities between Ronny and the Pope:
[ul][li]Both were actors[/li][li]Both loved the outdoors[/li][li]Both were shot in 1981[/li][li]Both have been called ‘The Great Communicator’[/li][li]Both loved children[/ul][/li]She also said something about their deaths, but I didn’t hear that. Ronald died in 2004, and the Pope will die in 2005. Not sure what she was getting at.

[li]Both breathed oxygen[/li][li]Both ate food[/li][li]Both used the “bipedal locomotion” method to get around[/li][li]Both slept for several hours every night[/li][/ul] Wow, the similarities are uncanny.

[ul]They were both male[/ul]

‘Reagan and the Pope’. Sounds like the name of a cartoon.

It’s Reagan and the Pope!
It’s Reagan and the Pope!
One was the President
The other offered hope!
Extraordinary men!
Shot, then well again!
It’s Reagan, Reagan and the Pope
Pope, Pope, Pope


[li] Both wore funny looking costumes at some point in their careers.[/li][li] Both resided on Earth.[/li][li] Both visited several different foreign countries.[/li][li] Both flew in airplanes.[/li][li] Both are dead.[/li][/ul]
It’s amazing, really.

Both were conservative lunatics.

Both were largely incoherent during their final years.

Probably because both have been credited for the fall of communism. While most of it’s hype, I will say that JPII had a LOT more to do with it than the Gipper.

But Nancy’s probably just pissed because her Ronny isn’t getting the spotlight now.

Well there is a monkey Cardinal named Bonzo.