Nancy Reagan dead at age 94.

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Nancy Regan, wife of former president Ronald Regan dead at age 94

She looked so small and alone at Ronnie’s funeral.

She was wrong about ‘Just say No’, BTW. Don’t say ‘No’ to drugs. Say ‘No, thank you.

I don’t have much nice to say about her but she seemed to truly love Ronnie at least. She lived a long and interesting life. Not bad from Flushing Meadows, NYC to successful if relatively minor actress to First Lady.

I remember her-- she was that lady from Diff’rent Strokes!

She was a very good First Lady. Always by Regan’s side. I recall how stylish and well dressed she was. Always represented the US well at state dinners and other functions with foreign dignitaries.

Hard to think back on the 80’s without thinking of Nancy and Ronnie. His presidency dominated that decade.

I don’t have many nice things to say about her, but she was a lady and generally gracious. Also she was unwavering in her role as dutiful wife and caregiver to her husband. Ronald Regan’s dementia and her determination to keep his life one of dignity has been an inspiration. Many spouses of people living with Dementia seem to draw strength from her example.

I remember one of the summits between Reagan and Gorbachev. I think it was in Moscow. The Western press were pretty disgraceful imo in their treatment of Nancy Reagan. Raisa Gorbachev, as the Soviet “first lady” was a breath of fresh air and legitimately an admirable individual. However, reading the Western press you’d think Raisa was a mixture of Marylin Monroe and Marie Curie. Nancy on that trip was viewed in a very unfavourable light. It would be interesting to look back on the press coverage today particularly in light of the modern feminist movement.

Photo Gallery of Nancy and Ronnie. Some very early during their Hollywood days. Many during the presidency.

I thought she was already dead ! I wasn’t a fan of her or Ronnie !

Here’s an interesting article by Elinor Clift, hardly a right-winger, re-evaluating Nancy Reagan. Worth a read.

If it was the '88 summit, I was there. Ronnie’s senility was really manifesting itself by then, and she was having to prompt him to say or do things quite often. I’m pretty sure she was, with cabinet help, running the country at that point. I don’t recall poor treatment by the press, but I didn’t have access to papers during that time. Her consultations with astrologers was also well known by then, and derision for that was deserved.

Not a fan of her husband or her but…My wildest dream is to have a woman that would have my back and watch out for me like Nancy did Ronnie.

RIP, Nancy Reagan.

Her main focus points I did not agree with, but she was a champion for the treatment of Alzheimer’s and was by most yard sticks a success.

I guess we can all “say no” now.

Yeah, I thought that was pretty funny when David Letterman said it decades ago.

RIP Nancy.

At the time I thought the Reagans were a bit too high society and represented wretched excess. I never liked him very much, but I have to give her props for the way she stood by and cared for her husband during his tragic decline and death. Some politicians and their wives don’t seem to be that into each other, but Ron and Nancy truly loved each other. I hope that they are together again wherever they may be.

This is why much of the '80s is just a blur to me. I always thought it was “Just Say ‘Yo!’”

Agree or disagree with her on different levels but always admired her loyalty and her willingness to stick her neck out for what she believed. May she rest easy.

I’ve never understood why so many liberals don’t like her.

Or why it’s OK for them to hate Nancy Reagan, but if conservatives hate Hillary Clinton, now that’s unacceptable. :dubious:

Because Obama is black.