REAL Milli-Vanilli?

If Milli-Vanilli (Rob and Fab Pilatus, or whatever)weren’t the ones singing on the album, who was?

This seems like a General Question to me. But while we’re waiting for the thread to be moved… this page says Charles Shaw, John Davis, and Brad Howe. BTW, the names are Rob Pilatus (now deceased) and Fab Morvan.

As long as we’re on the subject of Milli Vanilli: features a clip of “Blame It On The Rain”, presumably sung by Fab himself. It doesn’t sound too bad, but it’s just a 20-second clip. The rest of the site doesn’t seem to mention it, so does anyone know where I can download or buy the full track?

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Since the OP’s question has been answered, and this should have been posted in GQ anyhow, I’m locking this thread.

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