Real Time, Daily Show shown in Europe?

Are Real Time With Bill Maher and/or The Daily Show shown in Europe?

The Daily Show is aired once a week on CNN International which is shown in Europe, among other places. It is a compilation of some of the week’s stories with Jon doing a separate introduction and is half an hour long. It’s called something like, the Daily Show Global Edition. IIRC, it airs on late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

I caught the Daily show on CNN Inter. in Germany. Packaged as described. I was surprised, not only that CNN would air Comedy Central programing, but further, that it would have to explain that its a parody. I guess you can’t get the former, without the latter, however.

Depending on why the OP is asked, you can catch Daily Show and Colbert on Comedy Central’s Broadband Net channel “Motherload”.