Real Time With Bill Maher Sept. 26

Wow. Ralph Nader is a crazy old man. I expected him to start yelling at people to stay off his lawn. OK, he’s been a crank for a long time. But I haven’t really paid attention to him.

Watching Lisa Schiffren try to talk was just painful.

Tim Daly had a few good lines early on, but a half hour in and he hasn’t participated much.

Yeah, Nader’s schtick is getting tired. As I was watching him, all I could think of was the time when Bill and Michael Moore literally begged him not to run, because he might split the liberal vote (again).

Did you watch Overtime? What was with Maher being in such a hurry to clear out of there? Dude, this is your show. The rest of your schedule works AROUND this…

I kept waiting for Nader to start shouting, ‘¡Viva La Revolución!’

No, I didn’t watch Overtime. But Bill did say during the show that he had a red-eye to catch.

Henry Paulson just spoke on CNN. It reminded me of the New Rules (video link) segment.