Reality Shows You'd like to See (or Wouldn't)

Maybe we should split this into two categories. Ones that’d be possible, albeit possibly horrific, to film, and ones that would be outright forbidden by various state, national, and international laws and conventions.

(The real tragedy being, of course, that I can think of several ideas for the latter that you could still get non-desperate volunteers for. It’s always a tragedy when a market goes untapped.)

Anyway, those stupid pregnant teenager shows seem to still be getting views, so let’s try one of those. Only it’s not unplanned or ill-considered pregnancies that’d be the focus…this series is about an applied eugenics program!

With any luck, Season 14 would star a brood of seven foot tall child prodigies with natural HIV immunity. I can see the opening title sequence already!

Who Wants to Marry a Sex Offender?

Dancing With the Tards (pretty much the current show format :wink: )

Amazing Racists (same format as current show, but with contestants who have extreme racial views)

So, here’s a suggestion for what might be a *good *program–which I’d definitely watch. (Is seriously suggesting something pleasant in a snarky thread still “threadshitting”?)

The title has already been taken: American Pickers. Instead of following junk shoppers, I’d like to see the show visit musicians all over the country. Players of guitar, banjo, mandolin–even the occasional fiddle. We could see them performing in their milieu,* giving an informal lesson or two–and showing off their lovely instruments. Bluegrass, blues, other country–but surely rock would also qualify. To show the full ethnic glory of American Music, we might even include accordion players in with the “pickers.” (We just missed San Antonio’s annual Accordion Festival.)

  • Speaking of Musical Milieus, I joined Hulu Plus as the cheapest way to keep up with my beloved Sleepy Hollow. It features selections from the films of the late Les Blank. “The Blues According to Lightnin’ Hopkins” anyone?

I now return you to your regularly scheduled snarkage…

You give me another idea: Under 30 Grandmas - when the daughters of teen moms become teen moms themselves.

Survivor: Chernobyl

If a tropical setting is necessary they can swap it out for the Bikini Atoll