Reality Shows You'd like to See (or Wouldn't)

Inspired by this thread recuiting cast members.

The thread already inspired me to two shows for estranged families:
Semi-Suicidal Separated Sisters of the South West
Family Fucking Florida Fathers

Some other possibilitues:
Diddling Daddies
Shame the Neighborhood Slut!
My Mother the Tramp
You’re Pregnant AGAIN?

How Far Will You Go For Health Insurance?

The contestants are “accused” of witchcraft and subjected to a number of “physical enticements” to make them confess. The one who can go the longest without admitting to witchcraft and unnatural relations with the devil in spite of increasingly creative “enhanced interrogations” gets a Hyundai.

Patients put their health and well being in the hands of celebrities who are licensed to practice medicine on the show and allowed to prescribe any treatment they wish. First episode’s panel includes Jenny McCarthy, Scott Baio, and Victoria Jackson.

The Palins Do Antarctica

Doin’ It With The Bridesmaid/Groomsman
Rabid Rottweiler Preschool
How Far Would YOU Go to Be A Reality Show Host?

Jersey Whore

Survivor: Afghanistan

I’ll Bet I Can Get You Pregnant

Gay for Pay

Organ Swap Who will take rejection the hardest?
My Baby Ate a Dingo! Parents compete to get their toddler to eat the craziest stuff.
My Shotgun Wedding Dog the Bounty Hunter starts planning weddings. First, they have to find the daddy…

So You Think You Can Drink

Panhandling With the Stars

Win Paris Hilton’s Money

One that came up a while ago was “Who Wants To Make Love To A Syphillitic Hobo?”

Not much explanation needed, I’d say.

Eh, I’m desperate. Give me a female hobo and a condom; give her a shower and shave, and I’m in.

Politician Russian Roulette.

Six walk in: five walk out.

The Ultimate Fighter: Action Hero edition
Actors from action movies must stay in character and fight each other Octogon-style
Die Hard John McClain vs. Kill Bill Beatrix
James Bond vs John Rambo
Jason Bourne vs Blade

Toddlers in Tiaras in Tanks (filmed in Syria)
Deal Or No Antidote
I Wanna Marry Lindsey Graham

Shamelessly stolen from SCTV…

The Stars!!!

Huntin’ and Fishin’ With Tim Gunn

Dancing With the Convicts

The Bachelorette: Trailer Park Version. Contestants sit around in an above ground pool drinking Colt 45 and competing for the love of a Waffle House waitress.

The Bachelor: Senior Citizens Version. Twenty desperate widows compete for the love of a 70 year old retired Federal Employee with good benefits. Episodes include a casserole cookoff, a blue-rinsed hair pulling competition, and two old bitches throw down in the laundry room over washing his sansabelt slacks.


Shark Tank: 8 Contestants, 8 Bull Sharks. $1,000,000 in $10,00 bricks stuffed inside of freshly killed pigeon carcasses.

Survivor: Springer

Contestants are the people that typically on Springer.

Trannies, Teen Mom, Morbidly Obese, Anorexic Daughter, Gay for Pay PornStar, Skinhead, etc.

Survivor: Golgotha

Contestants are scourged, made to carry a large wooden cross through a hostile crowd and then crucified for an afternoon. Once placed in a tomb they have three days to push aside a large rock & escape.

Tiny House

I really, really want to see if he can ever make that omelette.

Marbles Up Their Arses

Are You Being Severed?