Reality TV

I am quite fond of reality tv.

I like watching families suffer from wife swap dealies. I like watching to see who is “Americas next top model”. I like Amazing Races. I like watching people “survive”. I like watching what happens to bad kids when they are packed off to brat camp.

I like “reality” tv. I am the lowest of the low.

Surely I am not alone? I know it isn’t high brow viewing but will no one admit it can be entertaining?

‘Wife swap’ shit has me giggling, as do “top models”.

Survivor and Amazing Race have a bit of suspense involved.

Brat camp just has teenage hysteria…always fun :slight_smile:

Why the hate for reality tv? Would they keep making it if NO ONE watched it? How many CSI’s can there be anyway? If I am wasting my time watching tv I would rather watch “actual” people being “real” then yet another murder-solved or doctor drama.

I would prefer a good doco but in the mean time long may the wives bicker with their swapped families. It cracks me up.

Am I alone?

Was that an echo?

You’re not “lowest of the low”, calm kiwi, in liking reality TV – but it ain’t something I’d bother watching.

But smoking while watching tips the balance? :wink:

Depends if you’re using an empty beer can for an ashtray or not: what are you doing smoking indoors anyway: haven’t you seen the ads? Take it outside. That way, if you’re a guy at least, you can piss in the garden and kill two birds with one stone.

Oh, the OP: hate 'em with a passion and think all responsible should be devoured by wolves.

Well in that case I shall smoke inside and piss in a beer can (I need to raid a recycling bin first…and learn how to squat and balance).

Fuck if 2 out of 3 Kiwis hate reality tv shouldn’t someone let TVNZ/TV3 know?

LOOK! I am the lowest Kiwi on the SDMB (incase the slut factor didn’t tip anyone off :D)

The slut factor? Is this some new reality show I haven’t heard of yet? {Do you think we can set the record for consecutive Kiwi posts in this thread?}

There is no good reason why we shouldn’t try!

The slut factor…hmmmm? We all miss some threads (damn lives getting in the way).

An all Kiwi thread so far. Shall we beat on the first Aussie to spoil that record? :wink:

Slow night, isn’t it? I’m hopping between here and TradeMe trying to pick up a cheap copy of Lego Star Wars for the Xbox {I tell myself it’s for Little Case, but I know in my heart I’m going to hog it for myself}.

You ain’t th’ lowest Kiwi on th’ board, calm kiwi, ‘till we’ve lined all of us up somewhere, and someone remembers th’ tape measure. I’m 5’ 7". :slight_smile:

BUM! I’m 5’ 2".

I am not here whilst pretending to buy Star-Crap for small people :wink: (yes it is a very slow night)

Still the lowest!

Still all Kiwi :slight_smile:

Oh and by the way Case Sensitive, if you start feeding the lego addiction be prepared for it to last for YEARS.
(we could build a small city with the lego in our house)

Hah! I’m 5’11"! I’m the tallest Kiwi on the Board! I’m the tallest Kiwi on the Board!

As me mum woud say – “Good things come in small packages”. Which doesn’t say a lot of good things about me, but … :slight_smile:

You are merely the tallest Kiwi in the thread (still all Kiwi…this should be some kind of record!). 1 out of 3 Kiwis is the tallest! YAYYYY you :smiley:

Ice you are now the average sized Kiwi. :slight_smile:

Ta muchly, calm kiwi! :smiley:

It’s all very well to thank the short-arse :smiley:

Are there any other Kiwis here besides our good selves? By the way, calm kiwi, if you’re really bored I recommend my “Too Many Bloody Star Wars Threads” thread in the Pit: nearly sixty responses, and not one agreeing with me. I suppose that’s perversely gratifying, but if you feel like lending a hand, feel free - not that I’ll hold it against you if you don’t.

We average arses are gracious that way. :slight_smile:

(Actually, my arse makes up for my averageness by a BIG margin.) :smiley:

We seem to be the only 3 awake ones. I would love to say how much crap Stars Wars is. Does that agree with you? :smiley:

It’s a start… Make that two left, though: I’m piking out; I’ll leave you and Ice Wolf to hold the fort, although I’m pretty sure we have the record by now. 'Night.