Really good local artists?

I’m starting this thread because I just bought a CD by a local artist.

Sara Hendrix lives in Telluride, which isn’t all that far from where I live. She has a terrific CD out called Ghost Stories, which I’m listening to right now.

Sara’s music bears some resemblance to Jewel, but her lyrics are much better than Jewel’s in my opinion. Some of her songs have actually been played on the local alternative radio station, so that gives you some idea of how good they are.

She is not related to Jimi Hendrix, so far as I know. :wink: Her CD is available through (David Kellogg is the producer).

Anyone else have a local artist who deserves recognition for their work?
– Sylence

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i’ve been listening to a lot of local recently, and there are two in particular that are absolutely wonderful, and deserve all the recognition they can get.

1 - five minute miracle which could be classified as funk

2 - sarah stefanson who is very folky.

man, are they ever great.

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the real url is:

if wishes were fishes, we could walk on the ocean.

Karl, the guy who caught our house fire on video, is a pretty good (by pretty good, I mean a hell of a lot better than I could dream of being) artist. His website is Worth a look.

Bumping this because I can.
– Sylence

“Excuse me, are you reading Torah and eating crayons?”

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John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown band were a good Rhode Island institution back when their first album went national. Sounded a lot like they were trying to be Bruce Springsteen though. I actually met Cafferty one time when I was running Midland Records in Providence. I don’t wanna say cocaine problem … he probably just had a bad cold at the time.

Currently, there’s a local Celtic / Folk group called “Pendragon” that’s real good and may be heading for stardom in that circuit.

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There’s a really good band from Memramcook, about 20 minutes from here, called An Acoustic Sin… they sound a little like Days of the New, but more mature and deeper, and the guitarist blows my mind.
This year, they won an ECMA (East Coast Music Award), for best rock/alternative group.

Another good band is Sol, from in town here, who also won the same ECMA, but last year. their sound is somewhat alternative, but they were heavily influenced by Sarah McLaughlin and the like…
they have an official web site that has a clip of one of their videos, but I lost the url ages ago.

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