Really hot girls who work at really crappy jobs

Every time I see a really hot girl working a very low paying job like a janitor or burger-flipper, I wonder how did they get there.

Hot women are a privileged group to a degree. When you are very attractive people are more willing to hire you, especially on jobs where image matters (executive secretary, saleswoman, hooter’s bartender). Then there’s the sugar daddy route.

So how do these women fall through the cracks?

Because it takes more than looks to get a good job if you aren’t blowing the boss.

Oh Christ, not again.

How is this a serious question?

are we talking about pre-Madonna women, or post-Madonna women, here?

I think it was on this season’s Louie where comedian Louis CK was mocking the ‘privileges’ that come with being a hot young woman. His observation was that you basically just get free drinks. So that saves you, what, $16 a week?

It was a comedy bit, but not that far from the truth. When you see studies showing that attractive people get paid X% more than unattractive people, it might be depressing, especially if you’re ugly. But remember most of those people are still qualified for their work. It’s not like you can be an attractive blonde and just show up at Harvard Law and become a lawyer.

Then they should find a guy with a high-paying job. I know I know, they may want their independence. But they should find a guy in the short term, until they can get on their feet. Like those chicks in manhattan - work on putting out their novel while dating older rich guys.


Methinks the OP might be having trouble getting laid.

ya think?

Has there ever been a wife of a baseball player that wasn’t drop dead gorgeous?

This is going great.

This may come as a shock to you but even hot women can have a work ethic and only want to spend money they earn.

Same goes for NASCAR drivers.

Tell that to Reese Witherspoon. :smiley:

I saw a documentary a few years ago, about a young woman who did exactly that. And boy, was her ex-boyfriend surprised!

Related Onion page.

What?! You mean popular culture lies?!

I was ready to give a serious response to the OP but then I read this.

Never mind.

I thought popular culture portrayed tanned sluts as freeloading moochers, not hot women in general. Not that I’m any sort of ethical lodestone. If a sugar daddy showed up and promised to take care of me, I’d walk out right in the middle of thi