Really Important Things on EBay

[you NEED this!](a href= it’s in perfect condition, too!

My friend Carl said: I’ve been looking for one of those for sooooo long!
OpalCat: I know! Haven’t we all???
Carl: You’re not going to try to outbid me are you?
OpalCat: but if I find the ultra-rare “2 3/4 inch blunt-cut McDonald’s French Fry” from the 1983 set I’m hanging onto it!!

So what really inane stuff can you find on EBay?

It would probably help if the link worked, no?

Last year there was a real-life street legal replica of Speed Racer’s Mach 5 on auction. Bidding started at $200,000 I beleive. Got taken down 'cause people who couldn’t afford it were driving the price up.

Now there’s a 100 of 'em on sale here starting at $72,000.

Heck, I’ll take two at twice the price.:smiley:

Rolling papers with Johnny Rotten’s image on them

The creepy thing is, there were some Sid Vicious rolling papers on auction last week. Because, you know, when I think of weed, the Sex Pisotls are, without question, the first musicians I think of.

Gak! Pistols, damnit! Why can’t I type!?