Really mundane: I love my new socks.

I just got my first new pairs of socks in about fifteen months and it is fucking awesome. I feel like I am walking on air. Soon, they will be wrecked by handwashing like all of my other socks, but right now I am getting far, far, FAR too much enjoyment out of my new socks.

If I were rich and wasteful, I’d wear new socks every day and just throw them out at the end of the day.

mmmm… new socks.

I hate my socks- because even though I always get ONE brand in ONE colour they still all end up totally different, and I still end up having to spend ages finding two that match.

I just got 5 pairs of company-issued* socks this week. I was very happy to find that they stock Thorlos.

*We get an annual allowance from a corporate logo-wear catalog.

You’ve gotta try some Pantherella socks. Now that’s decadence.

You need some of these.

(I have a drawer full of the women’s knee socks and I LOVE them!)

Those are AWESOME!!!

You haven’t really lived until you’ve spent a day in new hand-knit socks. Not only are they heavenly comfy, but they (can) look really cool, too.
It is impossible to have a bad day when wearing new hand-knit socks.

You know, I knit, but I’ve never made socks before. Don’t you have to use size 1 needles? I’m not sure I’m patient enough for that.

I’m wearing my last pair of new socks right now. (They came in a three pack.) After today…no more new socks. I’m a little broken up about it.

I love new socks. I love to wear each new pair before washing.

My husband is something of a sock fanatic. He found his favorite brand. They run about $15/pr.

Check out these babies I couldn’t resist last week.

Who would have thought putting your foot in a giraffe was so comfy?

You hand wash your socks? Is this through choice?

I hate socks. Hate, hate, hate them. Well, actually I like socks when they are pretty. I don’t like them when they are on my feet. Too constricting!


Now that Crocs are once again allowed at work, I’m not too bummed about it, but I currently own maybe two pairs of matched socks. See, I had this master plan about a year ago, and replaced all of my socks with about a dozen and a half pairs of the very same black socks from Old Navy, so all of my socks would match. Then the bf got the same idea, but it was cool because we lived together and did laundry together, and shared clothes occasionally.

But then we broke up, and I ended up with probably a grand total of 5 of the socks somehow. I don’t know how this happened, and now ON doesn’t make the same socks anymore that I was buying.


(I, too, am of the "if it weren’t so wasteful I’d wear new socks every day persuasion.)

No, not really.


For some reason that sounds so funny. I laughed for at least a minute. “Jeeves, dispose of these please.”

You can use size 1 needles, but you don’t have to. My first pair were on size 2s and they’re still going strong. (right, big size difference there)
The great thing about knitting socks is that they can be as mindless or complex as you want them to be, and they’re the ultimate portable project. I’m not the world’s fastest knitter, and I don’t have much knitting time available, but I can whip out a simple pair in less than a month.

Bonus? Hand-knit socks love being hand-washed!

I’ve heard that Madonna does this, but with panties, not socks.

Could just be an UL.

Farley Mowat, “And No Birds Sang”

I’m delighted and amused that this thread is still on the front page after more than, oh, five minutes.

Could be because I keep posting to it though, I dunno.

Maggi’s Organic Fair Trade Socks are the only thing I wear for the last 4 years.

They wear really well, comfy and I can always ALWAYS ALWAYS!!! find the mate to them in the Mt. Vesuvius pile of laundry at my house.

Plus, I always get compliments on them.
I luvs them.