Really pointless: Who remembers the name of these cookies?

A friend and I were having a heated discussion about stuff we loved as kids that was, sadly, no longer available. One of mine was this brand of mini chocolate chip cookies that came in a little box (about the size of a box of animal crackers). The cover was red and had a photo of one of the cookies with lines drawn over it to make it a cat’s face.

It sort of looked like this (sorry about the pop-up).

Anybody remember these?

I can’t eat anything that cute.

Besides, nothing that comes in a box is food.

I’m sorry… I have no clue… the description sounds familiar of the cookie but not the box… kinda like McDonalds cookies but not… or those chocolate chip dunkaroos

Inky-, the cookies you are thinking about are Fudgetown cookies. And they weren’t mini chocolate chip cookies, they were chocolate sandwich cookies, with chocolate icing on the inside. And there wasn’t a cat’s face on the box, there was a cartoon cowboy. I loved them, too. Glad I could help.

No, no, no.

Trust me. The ones I’m talking about were totally un-fudge oriented. There were sandwich cookies by the same maker, but the picture on the box made the cookie into a panda’s head instead of a cat’s.

Er, to be truthful, I was just taking the opportunity to go on about Fudgetown cookies, I childhood favorite of mine that don’t seem to be around anymore.

I tried to make up for it by Googling an answer for you (Did you mean: pandacat cookies?), but struck out. I’m starting to suspect your cookies were a local product.

Did this company make ginger snaps as well? I vaugely remember ginger snaps with a cat on them, but can’t remember the name.

You’re not crazy, I remember them too. As well I can’t remember their names.

I, too, loved them. But I can’t remember the name either. I do remember that McDonalds did sell cookies that were similar–I remember this because they were the only things every worth eating sold by McDonalds!

i remember em. the box was blue. im almost sure that they were just called ‘chocolate chip cookies.’ there was another kind that came in a red box.

weren’t Fudgetown cookies made by Keebler? they were chocolate and fudge sandwich cookies with a swirled floral type motif on the cookies.

What’s killing me is that Keebler made ANOTHER sandwich cookie just like the fudgetown but it was creme colored and had a flavor a little like a graham cracker. WHAT IS THE NAME OF that COOKIE??? aaarrrrgghh!!!

I think I remember them, but I can’t remember the name. Did the same company also market a small size box of plain chocolate cookies called chocolate snaps? Was it a Nabisco product?

they were made by nabisco, and i think the ones in the red box were ginger snaps.

I’m almost positive they still make them. I know I’ve seen them within the last couple of years. Can’t remember what they’re called, though. All I know is my parents never bought them for me.