Really unfortunate choice of name

Seriously, guys – WTF?. I think they should start adapting all of our more colourful acronyms!

This from someone named Litoris? :smiley:

I’m not blowing people up!! Seriously, when do we get to see the PRON (Peoples Republic of Namibia) or CLIT (Coalition of Lutheran-Islamic Terrorists) or maybe even the BOOBIES (Beings Of Other Bodies In Earth’s System) make headlines?

Here’s a much better headline.

That’s great! Thanks!

Oh, it’s the acronym? I thought you were talking about Gen. Hermogenes Esperon.

[hijack] Would it really be so difficult to put “Filipino” in the headline where an adjective would actually be correct? Sheesh.

Stacey’s mom, has sent us up the bomb!

Did you learn those at the Community University of Northern Texas, or from the Boston University Technical Training Professional Learning for Under Graduates?

Or maybe they participated in the Limited Intelligence Training Of Rigorously Indoctrinated Soldiers?

Actually, it was the Community University of Michigan and the Association of Super Smart Homemakers Of Lower Estonia :smiley:

This reminds me of the Council for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Reintegration Into Society, from Red Dwarf.

Slight hijack: While touring the University of North Texas campus in Denton, Texas, we noticed that many of the facilities carried the UNT logo, and were called such things as UNC Administration, UNT Student Health Services, UNT Housing Office, etc. I couldn’t wait to see the campus radio station. Alas, for that one facility the school suddenly becomes North Texas University (KNTU). So at least *somebody’s * thinking out there.

Actually, prior to 1988, they *were * North Texas State University, so the KNTU moniker is a holdover from that (and of course a nod at propriety.)

I am the CLIT Commander!

I wondered how long it would be before someone got that reference!