Reaper 13 May (Open Spoilers)

Season finale next week.

This show has really flowered. I like the fact that Andi knows about Sam now. I like how the show varies its formula. And I especially like the newest twist about Sam possibly being the son of the devil. I’m not sure that’s true quite yet, but it certainly would explain a lot of things. I’m also glad the Ben substory is over.

Oh, and I hope Gladys will be okay. :smiley:

Really glad the Ben marriage thing is over and yes, they seem to be getting back on track. I am not sure how the big plot twist of Sam’s father’s identity will play out, but it could be good…

Sticking with it…

Was it ever established whether Sam’s erstwhile girlfriend was the Devil’s daughter? Because if so, and if Sam is the Devil’s son . . . .

ETA: Well, Daddy knows best, I guess.

I DVR’d it last night, so I will try to watch it tonight. I am really enjoying the show, even when Kevin Smith helped them lift part of the plot of Dogma a few episodes back.

I love the Gladys character and I love that Christine Willes was a regular on “Dead Like Me”. I find it humorous that she has been in both shows with Reapers. She is also proving a versatile character actress.

BTW: If you were a fan of “Dead Like Me”, there will be several direct-to-DVD movies and sequels.

The show is getting better, after having been extremely lame throughout most of the season. At this point I’m hoping it gets picked up for next year; last I heard it was iffy.

Bad news. On the CW homepage, they had a listing of all the shows in primetime on the CW next year, and Reaper wasn’t on that list. Bummer. I really enjoyed the escaped soul this time. I liked the scene that Richard Burgi had with Ray Wise. They looked like two friends, but the devil couldn’t stand that soul. I hope there’s a way that Reaper can be picked up.

It was a good episode, but the ratings have been pretty weak. I fear for the future of Reaper. If it does not get a reprieve, I wonder if it is cheap enough for Sci-Fi to pick it up. It has good international distribution, that should help with costs.

Hold the presses: According to Reaper is getting renewed.

As of May 2, 2008 it was expected to be canceled.

Apparently the CW execs like it, so it survived.

I think the ratings slump was because the early episodes were too formulaic, and it was a while before it mixed it up a bit. But once it began to add those twists to the routine, it ought to have gotten some of its audience back. Hopefully it will pick them up by the time the second season gets running.

Woo Hoo!

I thought the devil told Sam that she wasn’t. But whatever happened with that story line? Cady said she was going wherever to take a break for a little, but the implication was that she’d be back. There hasn’t been mention of her for awhile. What’s up with that?

I can’t remember how exactly, but it was confirmed that she was not the Devil’s daughter.
Sam had the big breakup after the fiasco with the cellphone at the big modelling party where Andi found out Sam hadn’t broken up with Cady. So later Sam did indeed call her and break it off, either that or she called him and told him she wouldn’t be back.

( My alzheimer’s meds need refilling.)

I recall Sock and Ben checking her over while she was sleeping and finding no signs of the Devil. No 666, horns or tail I think. Is this what you were thinking of or some other scene?

Ugh. My DVR didn’t record this episode for some reason. That makes me unhappy. Not that I think it’s a great show by any means, but there’s so little on television that I like; it’s rare for something to keep my interest for an entire season. From what I gather here, there are some hints that Sam is the Devil’s son?

That’s funny; I was starting to wonder if they’d bring that up. Near the middle of the season I was getting annoyed – why is the Devil spending so much time playing buddy buddy with Sam? There must be a gazillion people doing his job over the world, enough in that one city at least to keep Gladys employed. I was happy when this concern was finally acknowledged through Steve (or was it Tony?), because it was being made a plot point instead of (what I thought to be) a plot hole.

I hope they come back to Sam’s father tearing pages out of the contract at some point. (Or did they this episode? I’ll have to find it somewhere.)

The Devil gave Sam a pair of glasses that revealed someone’s true nature. After some hesitation, he briefly did look at her through them – and she looked exactly the same. We’re to assume she’s not really the daughter of the devil. (But of course she still could be the daughter of the devil, just not evil. That was my theory at the time.)

running piglet cheese, were you thinking of that?

They did. He ripped out all the pages that referred to who Sam’s father is.

I love this show. Glad it’s coming back.


I agree that things got a bit formulaic following the pilot, but I think that it’s been a really solid show for the last quarter of the season, and I think it has a ton of potential. I would have been really disappointed to see it cancelled outright.