Reaper Bones Kickstarter - Holy Crap!

For the other RPGers who indulge in miniature painting : Have you seen the Reaper Kickstarter for their Bones line?

The Bones line was introduced earlier this year, produced with a light polymer that is durable and accepts paint readily. It also costs less than half of what metal costs. To expand that line, Reaper put up a Kickstart, with the modest goal of $30,000 - at that level, they could expand the lines (right now, at about a dozen figures, I think) by thirty, increasing the variety available.

Right now, it’s at just over 1.4 million dollars. I pledged a hundred dollars - for that, I’ll probably be getting close to a hundred and fifty miniatures. And each new stretch goal met adds more to my pledge level.

I’m going to be painting these things until I’m too arthritic to continue.

This is crazy!

Just broke 1.6m… and I think you’ll find that for the $100 “Vampire” pledge you’re getting closer to 200 miniatures. :cool:

If any Dopers are keen to pick up a serious stack of role-playing miniatures then this Kickstarter is a really good opportunity. (Perhaps some wargaming applications too, but Reaper has always been more RPG characters and monsters).

The Kickstarter ends this weekend – just under 3 days to run atm.

Yeah, I was too lazy to count exactly, and I was pretty sure the 150 number was under the true total. :slight_smile:

For the curious, here’s a review of the material used for the Bones minis :

I’m glad I saw this thread because I wanted to back this kickstarter but had forgotten all about it. Thanks for the reminder! I got in at the Vampire level and, frankly, I’m most excited about the dungeon decor and villager minis. I’m not sure what that says about me, actually. Something about Sims & Dragons, I’m sure.

Thank you for that link. I guess my only remaining worry is how long and how well the Bones minis will last – I have metal minis over 30 years old… how will these compare? (Hmm… will I care in 30 years?) :slight_smile:

On the other hand… they’re up to 215 minis in the $100 Vampire level pledge… hard to argue with that. :slight_smile:

I’m tempted even though I’d have absolutely no use for the minis :slight_smile:

That’s why I’m not tempted. Other Kickstarters might have less miniatures, but the signal to noise ratio is better.

I heard about this awhile ago, and I thought there were too many miniatures back then. Just checked the Kickstarter page now, and there are even more! I wouldn’t have the room to store them all, or the time to paint them.

Some of those figures are absolutely gorgeous though.

Up over 2.17 million now. Blew past that Storm Giant stretch goal I was hoping for. :slight_smile:

It’s at 2.72 million and counting. The next stretch reward at 2.84 million looks fantastic. That my original pledge keeps getting better and better has me refreshing this kickstarter constantly.

I’m going to give this one more bump.

The kickstarter (no link in the thread so far? It’s here) has just over an hour and a half left. They have raised $3.25 million. A $100 pledge at the “Vampire” level now gets you right around 240 miniatures. If you’re interested and haven’t backed yet, this is your last chance!

For completeness: KS has now ended. Final total was $3.4 million, making it the 3rd most successful KS to date.

Now I just have to wait for March to get hundreds and hundreds of new miniatures. :slight_smile:

ETA: We almost managed to melt KS for a while.

Awesome. I hope Reaper knows how to manage the fact that they’ve basically done their next two years of sales in advance. :wink: