Fantasy miniatures hobbyists: I need your help

Without going into too much detail on the “why” of the situation, I need a 25mm-scale mini of a male halfling, but without furry feet. He shouldn’t look too much like a thief or rogue, since he’s supposed to represent an apprentice wizard. But neither should he be wearing robes and a pointy hat.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll never outgrow this $#!% whether I want to or not. :rolleyes: Try and keep the geekboy flames to a minimum: I singe easily.

You should look around for Lord of the Rings miniatures–the halflings aren’t necessarily dressed as thieves, and a file can fix those furry feet right up.

Reaper has a few good ones.

Go to their Dark Heaven section; I found a few halflings there that might fit your needs. They make some kickass figures.

Another complete gamer-geek.

I’ll second the nomination for Reaper Miniatures. For the price I think they are among the best fantasy miniatures on the market right now. When I worked at a hobby shop and someone wanted fantasy miniatures I really pushed their line for all it was worth.

You might also want to try NewWaveGames…I didn’t post a link because I’m not sure I’m allowed to do that to a commercial link. But you should be able to find them in any search engine.

New Wave Games has a bunch of models from Europe that are difficult to find elsewhere. They have a good selection of female miniatures but almost half of them are of the “show me your boobs” variety. Some of them are pretty good though.


Thanks – looks like some good leads for me to check out. I’m still open to new ideas, so further posts are always welcome.