D&D Miniatures: Need a cool Monk

So, here’s the setup: I’m playing in a d&d campaign as a little monk, bravely punching and kicking my way through a world of armed and armored foes. The world is simply not safe for a man of my persuasion. To make things worse, I have been unable to find an appropriate miniature to represent me on the gridded tabletop of life and death. At the local game store, they didn’t have anything not bristling with swords and chainmail (and generally an entirely improbable physique, but that’s another story). I checked at the Reaper site, recommended by the game store, and this is the only one that I came up with: is this what you think of when I say monk?

So I turn to you, fellow dopers, do any of you know a good site that sells miniatures online and whihc perhaps has a cool looking unarmed, or mostly unarmed, or generally kung-fu wielding badass figures? Such help would be greatly appreciated.


(heheh… I know kung fu!)

Oops. I forgot to mention that everytime I find a site that looks promising, they helpfully omit the pictures of whatever miniature I want to look at. It’s like they know somehow, that i want to see this one, so all the other pictures on the page, except that one, work. Gah! It makes my head want to explode…

Ok, carry on.


Exposing my extreme geekiness (or more exact, my husband’s geekiness), I can look to see if we have any non-armed monk miniatures in our collection if you get desperate enough for a recycled one. I can look in our local gaming store also if you like. (It will give me an excuse to go!)

I think the Reaper mini is fine. There are some even better monks available of you can find AEG Clan War miniatures. They have some monks called Dragon Clan Ise Zumi Monks. You’ll love 'em.


Have you tried…

This one?

Or this one?

My favorite monks…

here are some pretty cool warrior priests for Warhammer. Probably don’t fit your needs, but keep them in mind if you need something like it.