Reason number 128 to swear off a life of crime

Today, in a blinding snowstorm in Virginia, there was a 120 car pile up on I-95. The following is from the CNN article on the crash:

With such blinding deductive reasoning on the side of law and order, no criminal in Virginia is safe. Thank you Lt. Anderson.:rolleyes:

You think that’s bad…

A few weeks ago some engineering school pranksters hung the shell of a Volkswagen beetle off the Golden Gate bridge. When I say “shell” I mean it was the outer body alone, no wheels, seats, engine or undercarriage. Some officer interviewed on a local station said quite earnestly:

“Well, at this point we suspect it was delivered to the bridge by another vehicle --possibly a flatbed truck, rather than under it’s own power. But we’re not ruling anything out yet.”

In his defense I suppose he might have envisioned the empty shell full of folks in roller-skates like something from the Bay to Breakers race.

I’ve met some of those engineers (they’re from UBC hare in Vancouver), though not from this class. The roller skates are a real possibility.

That’s “here in Vancouver”. Dammit!

Oh, that’s a major pet peeve of mine. The police will find a body with 27 stab wounds in an alley. Then the PR spokesperson comes on camera and is saying something like: “We’re not completely ruling out the possibility that this may be a murder case”. I mean, sheesh. I know they’re not supposed to jump to conclusions, but I’ve yet to meet the first suicide-by-27-stabwounds myself.

Couldn’t find the off-switch for the carving knife?
[sub]I’m just gonna have some coffee now so I won’t be thinking like that the rest of the day.[/sub]

Getting off topic, but is it true that a policeman can only pronoucne a person dead (instead of waiting for the ME) if the head is separated from the body of a victim?