reason number umptillion why I hate Windows

On my new work laptop running Windows 7, I log on this morning with no problem (same as I’ve been doing for a few weeks now), create a second user account, log off, log on as the other user, log off, try to logon as the main Administrator user again, and I get the message
“The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.”


Good news is that after Googling I found the simple 24-step process to fix the problem. :rolleyes: Hope it works.

I’ve been running Win7 since June and that happened one time. Rebooted and had no trouble, then or since.

Did you try restarting?

Yes. Did not fix the problem.

The fix was actually not that hard once I remembered I had a second administrator account on the machine, a simple bit of registry editing and I was able to logon again under my usual account. But if I didn’t have a second administrator account, it looks like it would have been difficult. Makes me wonder what other unexpected things can happen that will lock me out of my account.

You probably failed to face the Northwest and bow to Bill first thing in the morning. I do it every morning and I never have problems.

Once I logged into Windows 7 at home normally, and the OS dutifully informed me that I am using a counterfeit version, and asks me to get a real key.

Considering that my copy of Win7 is legit, I will be extremely pissed if my key wasn’t recognized and I am kicked off out from my own computer.

By the way, I was accused in another thread of unprovoked Windows bashing, so I want to let people know that in general Windows 7 is a good operating system, and I don’t mean to pick on the fine programmers at Microsoft, who I’m sure have a tough job of supporting a zillion different hardware configurations.
I don’t really hate Windows.

I guess I have to ask- if there are umpteen million things you hate about Windows, why keep using it? maybe a Mac would be more to your liking.

This is at work where I don’t have a choice. At home I use a Mac.

Heck, I think MOST of the established lore is no longer true:

  1. Windows isn’t a buggy, rebooting mess
  2. Apples don’t use a one-button mouse

That said, the Wife’s Acer, which came native with Windows 7, needs a garbage collection reboot once every four days or so.

But to balance things out, the G4 Mac Mini I just inherited is a PIG!

are you on a domain at work? if so, the issue you’re talking about might have to do with the network setup rather than Windows itself. I don’t know if it’s been addressed, but recent versions of OS X (or the Finder within) have had real problems shitting the bed when on a domain and a network resource disappears.


find out what program is causing the problem and fix it. My desktop and netbook go weeks w/o reboots, and then nearly always only for Patch Tuesday.

I used to hate Windows, but I’ve been successfully rehabilitated. I could tell you how, but I don’t like to think about it.

As long as XP-PRO continues top do what I need, I will wait for the bugs to mostly get killed before I build another puter.

I can afford a Mac. I also like to play with the innards of puters so much I do not even have them in a case.

I do it my way!!!

that’s not going to happen. it’ll just be unsupported in another couple years (it’s already past mainstream support.)

I don’t know if this caused it. I usually log on to the domain, and I was logged on to the domain when I created the new user, but the new user was a local user, I don’t have permissions to add users to the domain. In any case, If something goes wrong creating a new local user, I would expect the error would cause the new local user to be unable to log on to the machine; I would not expect that the new local user would be OK but the existing domain user was totally unable to logon again.