Reboundology: Snakeoil?

I ran into a guy last week that described himself as a 'certified reboundologist." Trampoline therapy, upon later discourse. I am all for alternative medicine, and self help, but this one struck even me as a bit of a stretch for respectabbility.
Actually, has anyone other than he and I even heard of it?


Given that the first Google hit for “reboundology” is a site claiming to be the “American Institute of Reboundology, Inc.”, but is really just an online store for trampolines with silly health claims, yeah, you could say it’s certainly snake oil… But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Do you know why most scientists think “alternative medicine” is a bunch of hooey? Because if a therapy actually has a quantifiable positive effect on a condition, it’s just called “medicine.”

Well, I sensed it… IIRC, the lymphatic system is the favorite token of the really strange ones, so it was a strange blip on my radar, but, then, we really love our lymphatic systems, so…

Thanks, guys.


I think the degree of fishiness will be related to the health claims he’s making. If he says that doing gymnastics on a trampoline will improve your balance and make you feel happy that’s reasonable, if he says it’ll cure cancer and baldness then you’re bouncing right off into quackery.

It’s probably not a legitimate “ology” but trampolining is good for you.

In response to your question about rebound exercise…My husband and I have been reboundologists since 1988. We owned a gym using this form of exercise. At first we had the same thoughts about it being too good to be true; however, on the contrary, we discovered how great this form of exercise is. Until you put yourself on one of these mini trampolines for 30-60 days, you will never know how good it is. I won’t waste your time telling you all the wonderful things and health benefits of rebound exercise that we personally witnessed in ourselves and others, I’ll just say…don’t knock it till you try it…it definitely won’t hurt you.

Do zombies use trampolines?

You’ve obviously never seen what kind of idiots trampolines attract.

(Also, if you use it instead of real treatment for a genuine medical problem, it definitely will hurt you.)

You know, dmkt125, I’d put a lot more weight on a testimonial if it came from someone who had actually been around the board and participating on other topics, rather than from someone who apparently searched for a particular topic, found an old thread, and registered solely to post a testimonial, while admitting that they profit by selling the service they are testifying to.

I’m just saying.

It’s almost as if this thread sank down to the bottom, and then rose to the top again.

I see nothing useful about leaving this one open.

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