Rec Room Game Poll

What is your favorite Rec Room game?

Tie between billiards and darts. If the table were completely level, I’d prefer billiards except that in a person’s rec room, it’s not always.

Other: pinball machines.

Matraquilhos ( Foosball ) is quite popular here. I see tables set up on many street corners and I usually walk to the one on my block to watch the action. I have played a few games ( and lost a few Kwanzas ) to some of the 13 year old hustlers.

I like all of the above (including pinball) but I voted for pool because it’s a bit less intense than all the others, and generally I just want to chill out a bit in that situation. If I want to get all worked up there are any number of other sports I can play.

Dungeons & Dragons (or the equivalent).

Air hockey among the choices, but over that an “other” for shuffleboard.

Usually the people who vote for pool are the ones that are really good at it, so I don’t normally like to play it then.