Reccomend a good online Borland C++ Builder tutorial site.

I apologise if I’ve already asked this here. I remember asking it somewhere. Just can’t remember where.
Can anyone reccomend a good online site for programming tutorials in borland’s C++ Builder (preferably the latest version)

Harold Howe’s FAQ site is fantastic

Thanks I almost gave up on this thread.

Hmmmm. Then I shoulda done more research, 'cause there are lots. Actually though, you’ll find more Delphi sites. But I have usually found that I can translate between the two pretty easily, since the VCL is shared.

I absolutely love the Builder How-To written by Harold How et al. It is dated, but still fantastic, take a look at it. I think it is still available on Amazon.

Try EFG’s technical site for good graphical info. Again, I believe it is more delphi-centric, but a wealth of info.

Also, go to Builder’s news groups. You will find some great support there and even sometimes see me there under my real name. There was a time when you woulda saw me there daily, but now I mostly work in Visual C++. (OK, I’m management now, I hardly work at all :slight_smile: )

Check back here next week. I’m off for recovery of an OP and if the pain medicine doesn’t mess me up to badly I’ll hunt up my old haunts and post them here.

Lastly, if you don’t know about Torry’s, go to and check out all the great VCLs.