Reccomend a high quality mattress

Hi! Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. Because of some unexpected gift money, we’ve decided to get a new mattress. We have been sleeping on an air mattress for years - a very nice air mattress, but an air mattress nonetheless. My back cannot take it any more. I have a hard time falling and staying asleep.

We can afford something in the 1000 dollar range, a bit more if it’s awesome. I’ve been looking at the Sealy posturpedic. The only thing I know is that we don’t want anything that’s dual adjustable like what we currently have. The middle is a weird dip and creates problems.

Any advice on super comfortable mattresses? We won’t be able to test out the contenders until late January, so feel free to think about it for a while. Thanks!

For price ($700, King), Costco’s Novaform if you like a firm mattress with smooth support.

I’m happy with my simmons comforpedic but it is in the 2k range. however they are currently on sale at

Have you looked at the icomfort or some other midrange foam, or are you looking for innerspring? The numbness in my arms has gotten better since I got my comforpedic compared to my old innerspring. So I am happy about that (not totally gone though, but about 50% better vs when I sleep on an innerspring). That alone converted me to foam mattresses.

I love my Stearns & Foster. Paid $1200 for it. The pocketed coils on it work much better than any other innerspring mattress I’ve tried for dampening the motion of my partner’s tossing and turning. No frills–just a high-quality tight-top innerspring mattress that continues to offer excellent support after years of use. We actually downgraded from a king to a queen size when we got this, and don’t miss the extra space.

Seconding Stearns & Foster. They’re the ones that work best for us.

Mattresses made today are complete shit, from the $200 dorm-room models up to the $10,000 Ultraname Black Special Editions. We bought a Stearns & Foster ca. 2000, from the middle of their line, and got eight or nine good years from it - in part because it was a genuine two-sided mattress and we could flip and spin it as needed. When it came time to replace it, an equivalent absolutely could not be bought at any reasonable price. Such mattresses had ceased being made except by custom-builders.

Nearly all mattresses today are sold with “no-flip” as a Feature!!! but what that means is the cheap bastards are only selling you half a mattress, one side instead of two.

Inferior cores and springing are being covered with ever-deeper layers of inferior polyurethane foam. Poly foam is, at the structural level, brittle. The bubbles break down over time, and every broken bubble is gone forever, leaving saggy plastic.

Unless you can afford to have a custom mattress constructed the way they were built until the 1990s or so - and you can, at around $12-15,000 for a king size - there is one and only one mattress technology that will give comfort and last more than a few years.

Get a good-quality, three or four layer pure latex mattress and put it on a euro slat foundation. With the mattress seller helping, you can choose layers that are ideal for your body size, sleeping preference, etc. AND you can restack them to adjust the feel - not just initially, but ten years down the road. Latex is many, many times more flexible than poly, so the bubbles break down very, very slowly - no sag, no dimpling, even with heavy use and over years. And the euro-slat base allows you to tailor the support to where you need it AND change the support as often as you like.

We have had our 3-layer/euro slat bed for almost three years. We are pretty big people, and we have two Great Danes that frequently share the bed. The uncovered mattress shows no signs of dimpling or sag. We’ve never had to restack the mattress because we got the mix of layers right from the beginning. The ability to move the support points around to accommodate body changes, even temporary ones, has been marvelous.

Unless you’re looking for economy and are prepared to replace your mattress every two or three years, latex is the way to go. Consider that Europeans have been choosing it almost exclusively for decades, and that innerspring mattresses came into being as a cheap alternative to solid mattresses.

I don’t own so much as a rubber plant in the living room; it’s no nevermind to me what choice anyone makes. But if you really do your homework, you’ll find out that modern mattresses have devolved to oversold, underengineered crap across the commercial spectrum - even, and in some cases especially, at the ultra-luxe-premium end.

(Oh, it’s worth adding that most sellers will have a “latex” mattress on the floor… which is almost always a standard mattress design with one or two inches of latex padding. NOT the same thing. You want solid, genuine talalay latex cores.)

I’m no tinkerbell. My $400 queen size Walmart spring/memory foam combo mattress is still serving me quite well. It’s soft, sufficiently firm, and comfortable to sleep in (whether alone or with a partner). It shows no signs of wear at all after a couple years. It’s just a good, solid mattress. Even if it broke down tomorrow–it won’t–I’ll have gotten my money’s worth out of it.

This was my process for purchasing a mattress online: looked at several different mattresses at in my price range. Pared down to the ones with the most & best reviews. Looked for use of descriptors like soft, fluffy, cloud (because I hate overly-firm mattresses). Then I just bought the damn thing. Slept on it one night and it was comfortable. Yay, and shit.

You can generally return mattresses if you have regrets within a certain timeframe. But if you do your homework like this, it’s unlikely you’ll need to. Get a topper if you don’t think it’s firm enough or soft enough, and voila. For a hundred bucks, your mattress now feels like a whole new mattress. There is a huge cult of the mattress in this country, and it’s just not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on ANY sleeping doohicker.

Thought I’d update - we went mattress shopping today and decided on the Tempur-pedic Cloud. We compared it to a Sleep Options memory foam bed, which was cheaper and quite nice. But really, there is no substitute for a Tempur-pedic. It was more than we expected to spend but oooooohhhh what a difference. Fortunately because our foundation is for a water bed, we didn’t have to get a box spring, just the mattress. I’m hoping this means an end to my back pain. Delivery is Tuesday morning and I can’t wait! Only two more days sleeping on the couch…

About 6-7 years ago I was shopping for a new mattress. There was nothing consistent about the terminology the companies used. They called things by any random term they came up with, and it was impossible to comparison shop. Plus, many of the stores wouldn’t sell a mattress without box springs, even though I have a platform bed. Finally, I went to the Original Mattress Factory. It was very easy to make a selection, they encouraged me to try out all the options, and I found exactly what I needed. And it turned out to be less expensive than most of the others. To this day, I love the mattress, and would buy another if I had to.

Don’t count on it. At least, don’t count on it being a simple money-back deal like most such return options. It’s often limited to swapping for another mattress of the same or higher price within the stock the store has available, less a return or swap fee.

Tempur Pedic is what i have, too. And it DOES make a huge difference. Enjoy!

I haven’t been able to justify the expense yet. I was hoping to hear TempurPedic was all marketing and no value. <sigh>

We had a Tempurpedic a few years ago, and it was absolutely the worst mattress I ever tried to sleep on. I woke up in pain and bareley able to move.

Happily, the shop had a 90 night exchange. At the moment, we’re contemplating a Sleep Number mattress.

I love our Temperpedic. We’ve had if about 8 years and I wasn’t overly wowed at first but now I can’t sleep on anything else. Get the pillows. We tried all of them and I like the ones with the little notch for your neck best.

I was a foam doubter until we traded out our worn out Beautyrest for a Serta iComfort memory foam. My wife and I have never slept better at night.

Any new mattress takes getting used to. It took me a few days and my wife a week and a half before we were truly comfortable.

OMF is actually a Cleveland thing. They have 11 factories now and are in 8 more states than Ohio, but they’re not very wide-spread.

I know people who have traveled to Cleveland to buy an Original Mattress Factory mattress because they grew up here. Our family buys them too!

They do have a 21-day exchange policy, but I gotta tell you, I could have fallen asleep right there at the store. And yeah, I got one of the pillows too.

Of course going and laying down on a new mattress felt good - there’s hardly anyone who walks into a mattress store that hasn’t been sleeping on something substandard for a while.

Which is why new mattresses are designed to feel good in that particular way, often at the expense of other qualities. Truly durable mattresses don’t feel quite so delightful during that brief “tire kick.” It’s the mattress maker equivalent of throwing in a big dollop of HFCS to make your back shout, “Wow, this tastes good!”


Mattresses are another of those things that you pay twice for - once for hte item, the second is for the store and sales rep.

Large cities have real wholsalers open to the public - you tell them what you want, they tell you what it costs. You pay them that number and pick up (yes, you may need to arrange transport - but most will have a business card they’ll give you, if they don’t have in-house delivery capability) a few days later.

I didn’t have time this last time, so ended up paying retail - about $1000 for something that is not going to last nearly as long as it should.

Also - the mattress companies will run off labels for each major store - if you see something in Macy’s, you may find that only Macy’s has that line. The maker just puts a different name on the same product if it’s not going to Macy’s.

What you are looking for is spring count and how the springs are tied together - the more springs, the smaller each will be, and will have 5 springs under your forearm instead of 4.

Rebuilt mattresses can be good deals but only if you really trust the dealer - those massive things in top quality hotels do not wear out - the padding shifts, the cover gets worn and stained, but the money part - the springs - are still good. If you can find one that has all new padding (and lots of it) and a good cover, it can be a great bargain.
The problem with rebuilds is that some folks simply replace the cover - you still have urine stained (and smell) stuffing).

Take your time and get it right - your back will thank you.

I talked to my Mom (who sold me our current mattress) and apparently the air bed we’ve been using is a Sleep Number bed. My husband has no problem with it, but I hate it, especially the big dip in the middle of the bed (this is also why my Mom hated it and wanted to get rid of it.)

We’re hoping for 3-5 years of mattress life, after which we expect to replace it with a King sized bed. The only reason we didn’t go for a King with this one is we’re moving in June and have no idea how large our new bedroom will be (Well, expense is another reason, because we’d have to get a new frame, new bedding, etc.)